Webinar Hosted by FileOnQ and IAPE Inc.

A research chemist at NIST since 2005.

Guest Speaker: Marcela Najarro

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Join our Free Webinar on Tuesday, August 25th - 9:30 am (PDT).

FileOnQ, in partnership with the International Association for Property and Evidence (IAPE), will be hosting a FREE live webinar, "Best practices for the retention and preservation of forensic evidence." More than ever, the retention and preservation of forensic evidence is key to the criminal justice system as it can both help solve cases and exonerate the innocent. The challenge lies in the fact that the retention of evidence for extended periods (i.e., 10+ years) can prove challenging from a chain-of-custody and evidence tracking perspective, and from an evidence preservation standpoint.

During this FREE one-hour webinar presented by Marcela Najarro, you will be provided the knowledge and resources on advancements in technology and why investing in safeguarding evidence for the future is a worthwhile effort.

 Topics of discussion will include:

  • Environmental foes such as temperature, humidity, UV light, and fungus and its effect on evidence.
  • The importance of monitoring climate during the entire life cycle of the evidence management
  • How extreme changes in conditions can lead to unintended degradation and/or alteration of the evidence.
  • Reports from the CDC assessing health risks for evidence custodians and safety aspects to storage conditions.
  • Review the literature for research data supporting best practices for storing varying types of evidence.

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