NATIONAL WEBINAR - How to Secure Your Property & Evidence Facility - Crisis and Beyond

Hosted by FileOnQ Inc. and Presented by The International Association for Property and Evidence (IAPE). June 16, 2020 - 10am (PDT)

With the recent unrest across our nation, the need for securing your property and evidence facilities is more significant than ever. Historically, security has been of primary importance from internal threats, such as in-house thefts. As recently as three weeks ago, we saw not only our property rooms, but our entire police facility could be the targets of vandalism, theft, and arson. The stakes have never been higher to secure your facilities properly, and we will show you how.

This one-hour presentation will provide viewers with a comprehensive discussion of most aspects of property room security.

FileOnQ serves more than 135 public safety agencies on the West coast, and over 350 agencies in North America.

COVID-19 Response - We STAND ready to help!
FileOnQ understands the critical importance of property and evidence management. Even during these uncertain times, our primary goal is to provide law enforcement agencies with the support and tools needed to perform this important job with excellence. If you need to streamline your evidence management – for both physical and digital evidence – please reach out and let us help you. Our team of former law enforcement experts are available to provide one-on-one consultations of our evidence management solutions.
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