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    Bridge the Gap between Paper, Physical and Electronic Information...

    FileOnQ™ brings together and simplifies the processing, tracking and managing of physical and or electronic items and documentation. This 100% user-customizable platform provides organizations like law enforcement, financial, and government institutions the ability to manage and track just about anything, from evidence, invoices, assets, documents, electronic media and more. The easy to use interface, unlimited reporting options and automation features are guaranteed to enhance daily work processes, improve compliance, reduce risk, save time and lower costs.

    • 100% User-Tailorable
      You specify every aspect of the user interface to fits your requirements
    • Browser based options
      Enter, view and edit records, print reports and barcodes, and more.
    • Unlimited reports
      Customize any report to meet your unique requirements.
    • Notification System
      Notifications are sent out based on your criteria and needs.



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  • QuarterMaster/Asset Overview & Training

    Learn how FileOnQ's platform can help your department keep track of assets, uniforms, supplies, and more... Also see how our latest version of Quartermaster have enhanced tracking of uniforms and supplies along with new assign, and return functionality to expedite the process.


    • UPC Barcode Scanning
    • Like Items UPC Tracking
    • Quantity On-hand
    • Set Reorder Points
    • Enhanced Check In/Out
    • Assign and Return

    • Reorder Point Notice
    • Warranty Expiration Notice
    • Maintenance Tracking
    • And More

  • Sexual Assault Kits (SAK) Training

    As you know, the testing and tracking of sexual assault kits has become a national high profile topic. Your EvidenceOnQ system can help you! This webinar will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need:

    · Build a query to know exactly how many sexual assault kits your agency is storing
    · Run a report to know how many of those kits have been tested
    · Create a specific category for sexual assault kits
    · Add fields to your profile to track when the kits have been tested
    · Produce a report that shows how many kits were tested within a specific time frame