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THURSDAY, FEB. 29th, 2024


FREE South Florida FileOnQ User Group Meeting 

Hosted by: Coral Springs Police Department


Ramona Malyon, a highly experienced FileOnQ Consultant, and Manoj Philip, our esteemed Chief Technology Officer, will be leading the first ever FileOnQ User Group Meeting in the state of Florida! During this session, they will dive into some refresher training, “did you know” tidbits, and address any questions you may have.

Attendees are asked to complete the User Evaluation Survey by February 26th. Those who are unable to attend are still encouraged to fill out the User Evaluation, and we will set up a remote meeting to address any questions or concerns.



Ramona has extensive prior experience managing the evidence unit and working as a crime scene investigator at the Smyrna Police Department in Georgia, she is well-versed in forensic analysis, including latent print development, blood spatter analysis, and DNA detection. Ramona’s passion for forensics led to the creation of FileOnQ’s Forensic Suite. Ramona is a real Atlanta housewife who loves dogs, crafting, thrifting, gardening, organizing, and vacationing in Florida.

Manoj joined FileOnQ after graduating from Georgia Tech over 24 years ago and has worked on all technical teams in FileOnQ over the years. He loves visiting customers, getting direct feedback about the application, and trying to fix any problems that he encounters. He is a geek who likes science fiction, gadgets, photography, and travel. He is a vegetarian who dislikes healthy vegetables.



Coral Springs Police Department (CSPD) has been a valued FileOnQ customer since 2013. CSPD has implemented several policies that meet established best practices for evidence management and is very conscientious about training evidence technicians to maintain their high standards. CSPD’s evidence supervisor, Sheila Lustigman, has worked extensively with the Property and Evidence Association of Florida (PEAF) to promote these standards across Florida. CSPD invests considerable time and effort to understand the capabilities of their software systems and utilizes all the relevant features to implement best practices.



EVENT DATE: Thurs. Feb 29th | 10 am – 2 pm

Coral Springs Police Department
2801 Coral Springs Drive
Conference Room TBD
Coral Springs, FL 33065


FileOnQ offers a user-configurable, no-code software platform that gives your public safety agency the ability to create applications that make it more efficient than ever to manage mission-critical assets. Because software systems shouldn’t limit your ability to complete your mission efficiently.

Evidence Management

Build efficiency into evidence management from the crime scene to the courtroom with airtight chain of custody and vital reporting capabilities. 

Recovered Property Platform

Reduce time spent logging property with the NIBRS-compliant solution that connects recovered property to cases and owners in seconds.

Digital Evidence Management

Store and manage digital evidence from a single application that combines efficient access for all users with advanced security.

Asset Management

From firearms to fleet vehicles, efficiently manage just about any agency asset with one easy-to-use, user-tailorable quartermaster platform.

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