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HELP! Digital Surveillance is Everywhere! Now What?

The increase of surveillance video doesn’t appear to be slowing. Inexpensive CCTV systems are now commonplace in just about every community. My police department saw a 424% increase in the overall number of videos officers recovered over a six-year period (2014-2019)....

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Overcome The Digital Evidence Storage Conundrum

Officers are collecting more digital evidence than ever before, yet only a fraction ever makes it to court. What happens to all that evidence? Should it be kept indefinitely? And if not, how do departments know when evidence can be purged? Many police departments...

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Less than 5% of evidence makes it to court

Did you know… less than 5% of evidence makes it to court! 🤨 That’s a fairly important statistic if your job involves managing property and evidence. Much of the “stuff” in property rooms can be purged. The International Association for Property and Evidence (IAPE)...

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