FileOnQ Integrated Backup Solution

QUICK RECOVERY FROM Ransomware, Fire, Water, or Other Disasters.

The complete backup plan for your critical evidence data. The FileOnQ backup solution stores ALL of your FileOnQ (SQL) data offsite in the secure Microsoft Azure Government Cloud using daily backup routines defined by your agency. Microsoft supports and guarantees the integrity of all data backed up to their service. This security empowers your agency to recover quickly if your data is compromised or lost.

Avoid public embarrassment from data loss and the time consuming process to manually re-enter the data.


A FileOnQ backup specialist will work with your agency to configure your FileOnQ database backups in the secure Microsoft Azure Government Cloud service. The configuration typically takes less than two hours.


Complete the form and one of our specialists will be assigned to you to answer your questions, provide a quote, and schedule your backup solution implementation.




Don’t Let You or Your Data Be Held Hostage.

Crime does not cease, nor does the volume of incoming evidence. You need access to YOUR CRITICAL DATA to efficiently do your job.


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Our customers include:

  • San Diego Police
  • Harris County Sheriff
  • Miami Police
  • San Antonio Police
  • Portland Police
  • Colorado State Patrol
  • Metropolitan Police D.C.
  • San Francisco Police
  • Nevada Dept of Public Safety
  • Kansas City Police
  • Lansing Police
  • Colorado Springs Police
  • Baton Rouge Police
  • Nevada Attorney General
  • East Baton Rouge Court Clerk
  • Melbourne Police
  • San Antonio Fire Department
  • St. Paul Police
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