Prince George County PD
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Prince George County PD implements DEMS system from FileOnQ.

SEATTLE, WA – April 18th, 2023 

Many police departments struggle to manage the avalanche of digital evidence their officers collect each day.

FileOnQ Inc., a leading provider of law enforcement software solutions, is pleased to announce Prince George County Police Department, VA has chosen DigitalOnQ as its primary Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS).

Prince George County Police Department provides law enforcement services to approximately 40,000 residents covering 266 square miles in Virginia.

DigitalOnQ is storage agnostic and scalable. While other digital evidence management systems lock agencies into slow proprietary cloud storage, DigitalOnQ can be configured to manage digital evidence on a variety of storage systems including a portable NAS (for smaller agencies), on-premise IT managed server rack, or Azure for US Government (CJIS compliant) cloud storage.

Prince George Count PD is utilizing DigitalOnQ to store their digital evidence using a combination of on-premise server storage and Azure for US Government cloud storage.

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