•  CamOnQ Media Manager
    CamOnQ Media Manager Import and Store ALL Digital Media From Multiple Devices and Manufacturers With ONE Application

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CamOnQ is a fully integrated digital video storage solution that allows users to easily upload, manage and store any video type from any camera or device. Powerful features make it easy to manage and store all your footage in one location until it is marked as evidence or deleted based on the retention and classification you specify.

Since CamOnQ is not tied to a specific camera manufacturer, it provides the freedom to use the video capture solutions you choose and to not be isolated to a single manufacture or device. Ultimately, giving you control and flexibility over all your video device and storage needs.

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  • Network Import/Upload
    Upload video's over a network or physical connection you specify and store in one easy to access location.
  • SWGIT Compliant
    Great care has been taken to go above and beyond SWIGIT compliant regulations. Enhancement tracking shows any edits, processing modifications, or movements made to any media type - Original media files are always preserved.
  • Manage and Classify
    Use retention codes and classifications to determine how long media should be maintained and when it should be removed or marked as evidence. 
  • Easily Select, View and Share 
    Dynamically search and view all images [and video] in a detailed thumbnail view with simple one-click preview access. Selecting ONLY the images/video you need and giving you the ability to quickly classify or apply evidenturary value to the digital files you choose.
  • Temporary Storage and Review
    Securely stores all video, from any source, in one easy to access location where it is maintained based on your evidentiary, classification and retention status.
  • Mobile Uploads (MDT/MDC)
    CamOnQ MDT allows the user to upload videos from the vehicle regardless of connectivity, data will then be transferred to the centralized storage location when a connection is available utilizing patented data transfer technology. 

CamOnQ Screenshots

  • CamOnQ Classify
  • CamOnQ Edit Metadata Information
  • CamOnQ Move to DigitalOnQ
  • CamOnQ Upload
  • CamOnQ Search