• Powerful Admin Tools
    Powerful Admin Tools Easy to use administrative tools to securely manage users, privileges and more.
  • Unlimited Reporting
    Unlimited Reporting Create unlimited customized queries to meet your needs.
  •  Customize & Control Everything
    Customize & Control Everything Provides organizations the ability to easily tailor the interface to fit current process and needs.
DigitalOnQ Tab
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A new tab on the home screen allows you to see a thumbnail list of all the digital evidence stored in DigitalOnQ associated within a case. (Also available in V8 Desktop.)
Currency Counter Integration
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Currency Counter Integration
ELIMINATE HAND COUNTING CASH: The currency counter module provides integration with the Cummins-Allison JetScan money counter and the desktop client of EvidenceOnQ.
v8 Dashboards
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Dashboards - Crucial Data at a Glance
V8 tailorable dashboard widgets display critical information instantly in the format you need. Real-time data and statistics at a glance empower users to make quick decisions and take action.
Retention Feature
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Retention Automated Reminders
Version 8 helps streamline this process by automatically assigning the appropriate retention review date to all of your property and evidence. This eliminates the need for evidence staff to assign this review date manually.

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FileOnQ empowers your organization to do your job with confidence, excellence, and in your own unique way. Our patented platform enables you to implement an efficient management system in many areas such as evidence, assets, equipment, and more. We provide a user-configured solution that is flexible to meet your specific needs and procedures, enabling you to implement one solution to track just about anything. To learn more or get a personalized quote, click the button below.

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  • Easy Customization
    User configurable interface, customized fields, tailored reports, and flexible barcode design.
  • NEW Improved Web Features & Interface (Webview)
    Better web experience with improved speeds, features, and overall experience while maintaining the look and feel users are familiar with.
  • Tailorable Dashboards (Webview)
    We have added visual dashboard to make real-time data and statistics accessible at a glance via easy to understand widgets.
  • Retention and Reporting
    Control and create unlimited retention dates and reports to fit your requirements.
  • Global Changes
    Any change is instantly applied to all Desktop and WebView 8 users instantly.
  • Currency Counter Integration (VIDEO) with Cummins Allison Jetscan iFX100
    Automate the process of counting money. Each bill is scanned, counted, and populated into the appropriate denomination field, then totaled.

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100% Customizable

FileOnQ users determine the layout of their profile screen. Every field is user defined, making it flexible to meet the unique needs of your agency. You can modify the screen at any time at no cost.

Endless Search Options

FileOnQ offers a wide variety of search options including current location, home location, date range, system-wide text, and customized queries. Most queries are performed by searching any field or combination of fields on the profile screen. Wildcard searches include Begins With, Ends With, and Contains, making query options nearly limitless.


The Request Module enables users to submit a request associated with property and evidence. This may include a request for items needed for court, lab analysis, or an authorization to release the evidence, All requests are immediately displayed on the evidence staff’s request monitor to take appropriate action.


The inventory module provides a fast and efficient method to conduct inventories of your property and evidence. The inventory report provides a detailed list of all items accounted for, missing, and in the wrong location. Inventory projects are permanently stored in the system for easy retrieval.


Notes Log topics can be created and customized to meet the needs and workflow of each agency. Specific topics can be restricted to user groups. Permissions also include adding or viewing notes.

Batch Update

Batch update is a fast and accurate tool to update information on a group of items. This may include correcting a case number, entering the owner information, or updating the detective assigned to the case. One edit transaction updates the group of records rather than doing them individually.

Edit by Scan

Update a field using a barcode scanner. For example, rather thanmanually typing in the crime lab barcode number, the user can utilize edit by scan to scan the FileOnQ barcode, followed by the crime lab barcode. This ensures accurate information.

Powerful Admin Tools

Easily manage and track users and all mobile devices. View all transactions, when they were made, who performed them, and much more.


The Audit Compliance Report provides a percentage based random sampling of specified item types such as drugs, guns, and money. This is an essential feature for agencies seeking or maintain accreditation.


Create and save a group of records that have a common task such as a drug destruction, an auction, or items for dispo review. Items can be added to the ongoing worklist as the project progresses.


Forms and reports are generated with a simple mouse click. The chain of custody, property report, letter to owner, lab request, and other evidence related forms are customized to meet the unique needs of your agency. These reports reduce manual labor, repetitive work effort, and paper documentation. Reports can be printed, saved, and exported for convenience. FileOnQ creates these custom reports using Crystal Reports, however the end-user doesn’t require the software or expertise because the reports are run from within the application. Agencies may create additional Crystal Reports on their own at no charge.

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Included Custom Reports

We include a number of custom reports when you purchase the system these reports are tailored to fit your exact specifications and requirements. This includes verbiage, design, logo, organization branding and more. 

  • Property Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Property Release
  • Notification Letter
  • Chain of Custody
  • Transfer Receipt
  • Dispo Review
  • Auction Manifest

Included Standard Reports 

We also include a number of standard reports:

  • Query Report: Gives the specific selection of records returned as a result of a query or search.
  • Audit Report: Shows the audit trail for all items by location and lists every location the item has been, the user who transferred the item, and the date & time the item was transferred.
  • Wait List Report: Lists the items that are flagged with a pending action; for example, all items that have an action or are on a waiting list. 
  • Retention Code Report: Lists all of the retention/disposition codes and the rules that are listed in the system that can be applied to individual items.
  • Retention Review Report: Based on the retention or disposition code assigned to them, lists all items within a selected date range that are eligible for review and possible destruction.

Match Existing Reports 

FileOnQ can replicate or match any existing paper reports that you currently use. 

Create Your Own Reports at Any Time

Integrated into the application for general consumption, custom reports built using Crystal Reports are easily added to the product and made available through your central report repository. You have instant access to newly created reports while eliminating report distribution effort.

Generate Reports for Administrators

You can instantly generate any number of reports that your administration requires. Examples include guns, cash, or narcotics that are on hand, inventory or purge statuses, or just about any report you can think of. This helps keep your chief and others informed along with providing an extra layer of accountability and credibility for your department.

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Because FileOnQ can generate any form or report your organization requires, you no longer need to create or fill out documents by hand. This feature alone can save agencies hundreds of staff hours a year.

Barcode Solutions

FileOnQ manages records, boxes, documents and locations using barcodes. Barcodes provide quick, key-less, and error-free retrieval and transfer capability to the user. All barcode labels are 100% customizable.

Active Directory Integration

For documents that are processed in multiple steps, you can track their location, set statuses (reviewed, signed, etc.), set a next action (needs review, waiting for signature, etc.) and track audit information such as dates and times of actions, transfers and more.

Import Existing Data

Our Import designer is very user friendly, using a drag-and-drop interface to link data fields from the import record set to the application data fields. Import designs can then be saved to use over and over again. All business rules and data validation rules that are available during screen data entry are applied to imported data, helping to ensure the integrity of your imported data.

Export to Excel

Create true Excel files which allow for more flexibility in designing useful Excel reports and prevent the accidental loss of leading zeroes in fields like case numbers and lab numbers.


The system will automatically assign the next available item number in a case, eliminating duplicate item numbers

Enterprise Deployment


If you are considering large-scale deployment to multiple agencies or locations, our Enterprise Platform Solution is the perfect option. 

The Enterprise Platform allows organizations to deploy our FileOnQ Solutions anywhere within your organization, city, state, and beyond. Empowering organizations to efficiently manage and support their installations at a fraction of the time and money as compared to traditional enterprise and custom "solutions."

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Feature Enhancements

FileOnQ ModulesFileOnQ has many optional modules available to fit a broad spectrum of industry needs. Just like our core product, the modules provide the flexibility of customization to meet the specific and unique goals of the user.

Learn More : Modules

  • Active Directrory Portal: provides single sign on for users
  • eDocs: Attach electronic documents to a record
  • Signature Capture: Obtain electronic signatures with transactions
  • Automated Notification: Set triggers for the system to automatically perform a function
  • Dispo Notification: Bring up items for review and automatically send an email for authorization