• Digital Evidence Solutions
    Digital Evidence Solutions Allows organizations to powerfully manage, track and share ALL digital evidence from ONE place.
  • Digital Evidence Integrity
    Digital Evidence Integrity All original digital evidence is maintained with a secure chain of custody.

Digital Evidence Management

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If you want to see how our digital evidence management solution will help your agency efficiently manage your digital evidence and get your questions answered, then you can choose from one of the following options below.

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We know that uploading, accessing, and sharing your digital evidence is time-consuming and overwhelming. With DigitalOnQ, you can quickly access ALL of your digital evidence files from one place, no matter where it's stored or what file type it is. It is a complete Digital Evidence Management Solution (DEMS) that streamlines and enhances an organization's ability to manage digital evidence.

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    • Fully Integrated with FileOnQ 
      DigitalOnQ is accessed easily with one click from FileOnQ, eliminating the need to request a CD or DVD copy to review the digital evidence in a case.

    • Secure Web Access and Share 
      Images may have watermarks for added security as well as access expiration dates. Passwords are auto-generated for the first time, then changed by the user.

    • SWGDE Compliant 
      Great care has been taken to go above and beyond SWGDE compliant regulations. Enhancement tracking shows any edits, processing modifications, or movements made to any media type - Original media files are always preserved.

    • Maintain and Track Image Integrity
      All media files are imported with the original metadata, such as camera make/model, date/time taken, camera settings, image size, GPS location, and more. This maintains complete image integrity throughout its entire lifespan. 
    • Easily Find and Share 
      DigitalOnQ eliminates the need to search through CDs and DVDs. Instead, images are displayed in a thumbnail view to be selected to print, burn, or share.

    • Basic Image Enhancement 
      Apply cropping, zooming, gamma, grays scale, pixel/redaction, notes, and more. Every edit is saved as a separate file, with a parent/child hierarchy of images that have had enhancements applied.

    • Integrates with Photoshop 
      Edits and enhancements to images can be made quickly with seamless photoshop integration. All while not damaging or altering the original appearance.

    • Integration with Axon 
      Easily access and view ALL digital media in AXON from the DigitalOnQ interface. Also, access media that is stored on Azure cloud storage, tape storage, and much more.  


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