• Manage and Transfer
    Manage and Transfer Quickly transfer, checkout and capture signatures on one device.
  • Palm-sized Mobility
    Palm-sized Mobility The freedom to manage items without being dependent on the availability of a computer.
  • Inventory and Audit
    Inventory and Audit Inventory just got easier with the ability to synchronize and update your data wirelessly from an authorized Motorola device.

MobileOnQ general

MobileonQ -- PDA Mobility

Evidence, asset and document management in the palm of your hand... FileOnQ users can now use the Motorola MC67 to transfer and check out items from any location. All transactions are then approved and synchronized with your FileOnQ database remotely, without having to be dependent on the availability of a computer. Simply put... No more wires! **Desktop Required...

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  • Capture signatures
    Take your evidence to the lab and have them sign for it. Release the property to the owner from your lobby or a remote storage location. Have your DA sign for the evidence to take to court. The signatures are captured from any location and synced with the unalterable chain of custody.
  • Live synchronize w/ database
    Changes made on a device will update and synchronize in real time.
  • Administrative tools
    FileOnQ provides a powerful and easy to use interface to manage and track the functionality of each device. You will continue to have peace of mind knowing the chain of custody is secure. Authorized staff can view all transactions, when they were made, and who performed them.
  • Inventory
    With the new Desktop upgrade you will be able to inventory all your items right from the palm of your hand.
  • Transfer items
    You can now transfer items without being tied to a computer. Prepare for auctions, stage destructions, or move the entire inventory of one location to another.
  • Transfer boxes
    The mobile device allows for boxes and their contents to be moved to new locations. This feature is invaluable for agencies moving into new facilities.


Feature Enhancements

ModulesAdditional modules are available to add increased functionality to meet your agency’s needs and growth.

Learn More : Modules

  • Active Directrory Portal: Single sign-on access for FileOnQ users.
    • eDocs: Attach electronic documents of any type via drag-n-drop or import.
  • Notification: Email notifications and associated attachments sent based on set rules or criteria you require.
  • Retention: Establish, assign and calculate proper retention procedures based on organizational requirements.
  • Container/Box Tracking: Allows creating, indexing and barcode tracking of archive boxes.
    • Image Batch Scan: For agencies that are imaging in batches and have a production-imaging requirement.
  • Signature Capture: Enables digital signatures to be captured for the authorization and transfer of records.

Basic MobileOnQ Requirements

  • Device : Motorola MC67
  • Desktop Installation
  • Cellular or Wireless Intranet or Internet Connection 
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008 or higher family
  • Windows Networking using TCP/IP, UNC


Contact us for further questions and requirements - 1.800.603.6802