• Complete Solutions
    Complete Solutions Customizable and powerful add-ons that enhance and complete a large variety of business needs.
  • Flexible Features
    Flexible Features Modules provide greater flexibility as your needs and processes change.
  • Grow as You Grow
    Grow as You Grow Our modules can grow as you needs do and you can add them at anytime.

FileOnQ Modules


Meeting Your Needs and Goals

FileOnQ has many optional modules available to fit a broad spectrum of industry needs. Like our core product, the modules provide the flexibility of customization to meet the specific and unique goals of the user.

Tailorable Features

  • For Your Unique Needs
    Every organization has unique processes and procedures; modules help meet or exceed those.
  • Define Functionality
    Modules can be tailored to function to your specific needs.
  • Works Together or Alone
    They work together or individually to give even more significant potential tailored to your industry.

Scalable To Needs

  • Reduce Costs
    Choose the modules you need today, keeping costs down for a bigger tomorrow.
  • Add at Anytime
    Purchase additional modules at any time for greater functionality as needed.
  • Tailored for Growth
    They work together or individually to give even greater potential as your needs grow.
Web Browser

 Webview - Browser-Based Access

Easily Manage Everything Online - Organizations can easily access, view, and manage evidence, assets, documents, and more using the browser of their choice, providing a cost-effective and zero-deployment-effort answer to distributed/remote environments, offering secure access to the information for remote offices, traveling sales staff, and/or mobile wireless applications such as police officers on the road.

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 EDocs - Digital Files Management

With the eDocs™ module, documents in electronic format such as scanned images, digital pictures, Word, Excel, PDF, or virtually any electronic document can be stored and viewed from within the Document Collection module. Even digital audio or video clips can be managed within the eDocs™ module.

Using eDocs reduces paperwork and provides time-savings benefits to instantly access and view any required document, all from the comfort of your desk.

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Notification - Tailorable Email Alerts

This module provides instant email notifications based on triggers or procedures users specify that are sent to the appropriate person within the workflow process, notifying them of required items/activities due for review/action.

  • Email alerts: the system will generate emails based on your criteria and processes.
  • Hyperlinks and Attachments: can be included and dynamically generated notified personnel can quickly take the required action within the FileOnQ system.
  • Customize notification types such as Name, Description, Subject Line, and Message Body and format the notification as HTML or just plain text.



MobileOnQ general

 MobileonQ - Digital Files management

With a Motorola compatible device FileOnQ users can remotely transfer and check out items from any location with a wireless or cellular connection. All transactions are then approved and synchronized with your FileOnQ database in real-time.

  • Inventory: With the new Desktop 6 upgrade, you will be able to inventory all your items right from the palm of your hand.
  • Capture Signatures:  Signatures are captured from any location and synced with the unalterable chain of custody.
  • Transfer Boxes: The mobile device allows for boxes and their contents to be moved to new locations.

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active directory 

Active Directory - Single Sign-On

Active Directory users can now access their approved FileOnQ applications using ONLY their Windows login.

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Standard Used Extensions

retention-module icons

Retention & Classification Module

Establish, assign and calculate proper retention procedures for all types of records.
boxtracking-module icons

Container/Box Tracking Module

Allows the creation, indexing, and barcode tracking of archive boxes.


doc-collection-module icons

Document Collection Module

Allows users to see a list of all the documents required in a file folder.
image-batch-scan icons

Image Batch Scan Module

For clients who are imaging in large batches and have a production-imaging requirement.


Signature-module icons

Signature Capture Module

For the capturing of a digital signature involved in the authorization and transfer of records.
Color-print icons

Color Print Integration Module

Allows for seamless integration with the industry-leading color-coded label printing systems.


notification-module icons

Notification and Workflow Module

Automated notifications in the form of email or alerts based on triggers you create to comply with your policy and procedures.
Color-print-module icons

Color Print Module

Provide the industry-leading color label print system fully integrated with your FileOnQ™ application.