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SEATTLE, WA – July 14th, 2022 

FileOnQ is pleased to announce the San Luis Obispo Police Department has implemented the Property and Evidence Management Platform which includes the EvidenceOnQ, DigitalOnQ, and FoundropOnQ systems.  The three systems are fully integrated and configured to meet the unique needs of the San Luis Obispo Police Department to efficiently manage their physical evidence, digital evidence, and found property. 

Located in south-west California: San Luis Obispo PD has approximately 60 sworn officers. They chose to implement the FileOnQ platform to empower their staff to manage property and evidence with greater integrity and efficiency. 

The Property and Evidence Management Platform was implemented at San Luis Obispo PD by a Customer Success Team at FileOnQ. The team offers vast law enforcement experience in various areas such as evidence management, crime scene investigation, investigations, and supervision.  The team provides real-world expertise and hands-on training and strives to instill a significant level of confidence, accountability, and professionalism for each agency during implementation and long into the future.




FileOnQ serves over 350 agencies in North America.

We STAND ready to help!

FileOnQ understands the critical importance of property and evidence management. Even during these uncertain times, our primary goal is to provide law enforcement agencies with the support and tools needed to perform this important job with excellence. If you need to streamline your evidence management – for both physical and digital evidence – please reach out and let us help you. Our evidence experts are available to provide one-on-one consultations and demonstrations of our evidence management solutions.


July 14, 2022
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