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Customer Benefits

Professional Services


Services - Your Way

Along with our industry-leading software, we provide strategic services that help companies maximize the value of their FileOnQ™ solutions, whether installed as departmental or enterprise software. Our Professional Services organization delivers customized, integrated solutions focused on achieving strategic business objectives that quickly satisfy a tactical need.

The success of our services organization is attributed to two key factors: our team of experienced professionals, and the adherence to a strict Systems Development methodology that ensures consistent results and the delivery of solutions on time and within budget. We firmly believe that your success is our success and the key to this is providing skilled professional services and training during our entire relationship.
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Consulting Services

Non-customer Consulting

We have years of real-world experience helping hundreds of organization overcome management challenges, storage limitations, process and procedural challenges, and preparation for audit or accreditation. If you are considering buying one of our solutions or just need your questions answered, we can provide your agency with the following FREE services.

Current Customer consulting

If you're new user or have had our system for years we know that unexpected needs or challenges may arise. Maybe your needs or processes have changed since you first purchased the system and require a needs analysis or training on what additional modules or services may help you. You may need a ROI or Justification Analysis on purchasing additional modules to enhance your systems capabilities. No matter the needs we are here to help!

Note: Consulting and Training are always FREE for customers who have current maintenance and support. Download: Benefits of Maintenance and Support.

Integration Services

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Unified Solutions

We are committed to work with third-party entities and their applications to provide a seamless experience between FileOnQ™ and their systems. We currently partner and work with a number of major systems by providing complete and seamless integration with FileOnQ's solutions. These integrated services do not replace a current systems but rather enhances them by delivering the best-of-breed to fit the customers needs.

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Data Conversion

Your Data - Your Way...

DataConversion GeneralOur professional services team will work with you to import any data you already have. You can also import your own data into our system using our import utility—a drag-and-drop interface to link data fields from the Import record set to the FileOnQ application data fields. Import designs can then be saved for later use. All business and data validation rules that are available during screen data entry are applied to imported data, helping to ensure its integrity.

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