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    Unified Solutions Multiple disciplines working together as one unified solution to provide positive outcomes for all involved.

Integration Services

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Unified Solutions

We are committed to work with third-party entities and their applications to provide a seamless experience between FileOnQ™ and their systems. We currently partner and work with a number of major systems by providing complete and seamless integration with FileOnQ's solutions. These integrated services do not replace a current systems but rather enhances them by delivering the best-of-breed to fit the customers needs.

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  • Seamless and Complete Data Sharing
    Share existing or new data between your current RMS/LIMS system and FileOnQ using our built-in import/export module. This module allows your RMS/LIMS system to push data into FileOnQ or for FileOnQ to push data out. This can occur automatically or on demand, allowing the system to exchange the appropriate data when needed
  • Fully Cusomizable
    We give you complete control over the design of the home screen and the fields you want on it, along with the flexibility to modify it at any time. You have the flexibility to build the exact interface you want, all while maintaining complete data sharing with your existing system..
  • Streamline Purging & Disposition
    If you have purging or dispo needs, Purging projects that took days or weeks now take only minutes with our built-in search, retention review, and reporting tools.
  • Enhanced Custom Reporting
    Because our solution includes powerful customizable reporting capabilities, agencies are instantly able to create and access an unlimited number of customizable reports about their evidence, records and more.
  • Flexible Barcoding 
    Users can create their own customized barcode labels quickly and easily along with the capabilities to read existing third party barcodes as required.
  • Powerful Searching Capabilities 
    User can easily search by using any field or combination of fields.

Integration Technology

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The FileOnQ development team uses the latest technologies when developing any integration solution. Often times web services is the most logic path to take but other means of data exchange and integrations can be developed as well. In the end, whether you choose to go with our ready to go import and export functionality or a custom developed integration solution built around web services, FileOnQ has the expertise and support to get you there.


Enterprise Deployment


If you are considering large-scale deployment to multiple agencies or locations, our Enterprise Platform Solution is the perfect option. 

The Enterprise Platform allows organizations to deploy our FileOnQ Solutions anywhere within your organization, city, state, and beyond. Empowering organizations to efficiently manage and support their installations at a fraction of the time and money as compared to traditional enterprise and custom "solutions."

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