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Fedgov SubTopic articleOne Platform - Many Applications

The Department of Homeland Security switched to FileOnQ and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual expenses with the improved ability to manage the processing of invoices. Implementing the FileOnQ management system allowed them to expedite work processes while providing compliance with the mandated management, tracking and reporting requirements. The switch to FileOnQ was a huge win for the department after coming under the fire of congressional scrutiny due to the inefficiencies of their previous system.

Since the initial implementation of FileOnQ, the Department of Homeland Security has implemented eight additional FileOnQ applications, utilizing FileOnQ as a true platform solution for work group and work process needs, and providing solutions for a wide variety of organizational requirements. Having one platform for multiple applications is a huge benefit, providing quick deployment and a user-friendly interface tailored to each work group application. With FileOnQ application ProFiler, there is no expensive custom code to chase, and customers experience the lowest cost of maintenance, support and ownership available on the market today.