State Agencies


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The power and versatility of FileOnQ™ gives it the tools necessary to fit diverse environments, work processes and procedures. There are multiple ways our solution can be implemented and used, so consider the possibilities. State agencies are not only benefiting from FileOnQ™ capabilities and flexibility but the time savings for personnel and the cost reductions that result from using our system.

Air and Army National Guards across the United States have chosen FileOnQ™ to track, report and manage personnel and medical records.

Municipal and State Superior Courts leverage the power of FileOnQ™ software solutions to effectively access, manage and report on status and disposition of court records. Judicial courts are using our system to track a variety of court records like criminal, probation and family. They are also tracking archival boxes, central records, departmental records, human resource records and so much more. All of this is made possible from one easy-to-use system.

State Highway Patrol use it to track and manage evidence from the crime scene to the court room. Officers can log evidence remotely and the evidence technicians can manage track and each item in ways not possible with most other systems.

State Universities are using our system on campus to track lost and found items, evidence and even manage records of all types. For example: Michigan State University is using FileOnQ™ to track medical research records.


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