• Enterprise Deployment
    Enterprise Deployment Our Enterprise License will provide you with the rights to deploy an unlimited number of FileOnQ™ applications.

Enterprise Solutions


The FileOnQ™ Enterprise Platform Solution is designed to be used throughout an organization wherever work process and improved productivity needs collide with records, document management, and reporting compliance. Deploy solutions anywhere within the corporate structure/organization where there is a need with one platform and code base that is easy to maintain and requires a fraction of the time and money to deploy and support, as compared to traditional enterprise and custom "solutions."

A FileOnQ™ Enterprise License will provide you with the rights to deploy an unlimited number of FileOnQ™ applications, using any of the different modules – including eDocs and WebView. As part of the Enterprise License, we will also train up to five individuals to design and deploy FileOnQ™ applications.




The Department of Homeland Security switched to FileOnQ and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual expenses with the improved ability to manage the processing of invoices. In addition, implementing the FileOnQ management system allowed them to expedite work processes while providing compliance with the mandated management, tracking, and reporting requirements. The switch to FileOnQ was a massive win for the department after coming under the fire of congressional scrutiny due to the inefficiencies of their previous system.

Since the initial implementation of FileOnQ, the Department of Homeland Security has implemented eight additional FileOnQ applications, utilizing FileOnQ as a proper platform solution for workgroup and work process needs and providing solutions for a wide variety of organizational requirements. Having one platform for multiple applications is a huge benefit, providing quick deployment and a user-friendly interface tailored to each workgroup application. Additionally, with FileOnQ application ProFiler, there is no expensive custom code to chase, and customers experience the lowest cost of maintenance, support, and ownership available on the market today.

Upgrade for Less

Enterprise upgrades iconNo Cost Upgrades...
No-cost version-to-version software upgrades for all your FileOnQ™ applications (as apposed to a 50% discount for upgrades purchased individually)

Unlimited Deployments

Enterprise unlimited-deployment iconDeploy when and where needed...
Rights to deploy an unlimited number of FileOnQ™ applications within your organization – utilizing all modules with an unlimited number of user seats

Additional Savings

Enterprise cost-savings iconOn Services & Hardware...
A 25% discount off list price for all professional services and a 10% discount off list price for all hardware and peripheral purchases.

  • FileOnQ Key Features

FileOnQ offers a variety of features designed to meet the wide range of needs of your organization.

  • 100% user-configurable
  • Browser-based
  • Every field searchable
  • Inventory & audit tools
  • Barcode technology
  • Customized forms
  • Active Directory integration
  • Attach electronic files
  • Import existing data
  • Mobile PDA capabilities
  • Unlimited custom queries
  • Batch update multiple records
  • Automated notifications
  • Disposition notification
  • Barcode Based
  • Third Pary Integration

Feature Enhancements

FileOnQ ModulesFileOnQ has many optional modules available to fit a broad spectrum of industry needs. Like our core product, the modules provide the flexibility of customization to meet the specific and unique goals of the user.

Learn More: Modules

  • Active Directory Portal: provides single sign-on for users
  • eDocs: Attach electronic documents to a record
  • Signature Capture: Obtain electronic signatures with transactions
  • Automated Notification: Set triggers for the system to automatically perform a function
  • Dispo Notification: Bring up items for review and automatically send an email for authorization