• Servicing Loans
    Servicing Loans Searching and Identifying a loan's exact location and status only takes seconds.
  • Improved Processing
    Improved Processing No more locating and assembling the physical documents from multiple locations!

Financial Solutions


FileOnQ™ streamlines all aspects of filing, retrieval, delivery, reporting, and auditing loan records, including electronic documents, emails, and digital photos. This powerful system improves processing speed, customer service, and productivity by allowing staff to easily find and access what they need quickly through dynamic search and retrieval functions.

These time savings translate to increased profits. The system also reduces risk because missing documentation is easy to identify, simplifies, and improves regulatory compliance by providing redundancies and a clear audit trail.

Financial userThey are designed from the ground up to provide financial institutions with an automated barcode-based system to manage the complete life-cycle of their loan records and documentation in all their various forms: hard copy, as well as electronic documents such as imaged documents, digital images, email messages, and Microsoft© Word or Excel files.

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  • FileOnQ Key Features

FileOnQ offers a variety of features designed to meet the wide range of needs of your organization.

  • 100% user-configurable
  • Browser-based
  • Every field searchable
  • Inventory & audit tools
  • Barcode technology
  • Customized forms
  • Active Directory integration
  • Attach electronic files
  • Import existing data
  • Mobile PDA capabilities
  • Unlimited custom queries
  • Batch update multiple records
  • Automated notifications
  • Disposition notification
  • Barcode Based
  • Third Pary Integration

Feature Enhancements

FileOnQ ModulesFileOnQ has many optional modules available to fit a broad spectrum of industry needs. Like our core product, the modules provide the flexibility of customization to meet the specific and unique goals of the user.

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  • Active Directory Portal: provides single sign-on for users
  • eDocs: Attach electronic documents to a record
  • Signature Capture: Obtain electronic signatures with transactions
  • Automated Notification: Set triggers for the system to automatically perform a function
  • Dispo Notification: Bring up items for review and automatically send an email for authorization