Loan Closing


Closingloan SubTopic articleFind and Sample Loans Quickly & Easily

We make it easy to pull a loan file or a sample of loans by the criteria you choose for audit and quality control purposes, such as missing documentation or signatures. In a matter of minutes, you can search by date, name, loan type, record type, loan amount or any type of criteria you choose

Powerful searching and automated retention capabilities are at your fingertips, providing the ability to avoid or reduce liability risks and loan repurchase costs, and improve your overall audit capabilities. Ultimately, FileOnQ™ can improve your regulatory compliance, which results in hundreds of millions of dollars of unnecessary buybacks each year. The ability to pull a sample of loans for audit and review purposes has never been easier, and this alone could decrease your costs substantially.

Our system allows you to quickly and easily locate, access, view, maintain and preserve all your loans and associated electronic records from ONE customizable screen at any time.