Loan Processing


Proccessloan SubTopic articleStaying On Track with FileOnQ™

FileOnQ™ provides document-level indexing, searching and reporting on all loans —hard copy, imaged and electronic — with a single user interface. No more locating and assembling the physical documents from multiple locations! Now you can just fulfill a request with a click of the mouse or scan of the bar code. Because of this, FileOnQ™ improves accuracy and response time to requests. Not only does this keep you on track with the service you deliver to both internal and external customers, it ultimately improves performance and cost to both the top and bottom lines.

FileOnQ™ also integrates with host systems to manage the content collection process and assign retention classification to ensure complete accessibility to documents and timely review or destruction. This process becomes even easier with the reporting and retention module.

The ability to process loans with the lowest exposure possible because of quicker, better and retrievable information is vastly improved with FileOnQ™. This benefit alone results in an immediate system payback based on just one instance of lost or incomplete documentation regarding a loan.