Loan Servicing


Servicingloan SubTopic articleServicing Loans Made Easy

The need to access and find a loan months or even years after closing can be challenging and time consuming. With the powerful searching, barcoding, and box tracking features of FileOnQ™, finding and accessing a particular loan or group of loans electronically or even physically is a simple and quick process. Searching and Identifying a loan's exact location and status only takes minutes, if not seconds, and can be done with any set of searching criteria and from any field or combination of fields.

Query by Example (QBE) - allows users to perform searches using words, numbers or content entered into fields on the Main Screen.

Query by Location (QBL) - allows users to search for records by location, including boxes, off-site storage locations or individuals.

Query by Date (QBD) - allows users to search for records by date or date range.

With FileOnQ™ you can quickly retrieve, manage and review loans to answer customer questions related to past, present or future loans. Powerful searching features allow you to quickly find any random sample or specific group of loans at any time. Reporting and retention tools allow you to run reports with the criteria you choose with a few clicks of the mouse. With FileOnQ™, servicing your loans is truly that much easier.