• State Government
    State Government Air and Army National Guards, Municipal and State Superior Courts, Highway Patrol and more.
  • Local Government
    Local Government Track and manage evidence, assets, fleet vehicles, records and more.

Government Solutions


FileOnQ provides government agencies a complete fully customizable off-the-shelf solution to track just about anything. Hundreds of government institutions are currently using it to track assets, documents & records, equipment, invoices, personnel records, evidence and more. The power, security and flexibility of FileOnQ™allows it to fit into about any government environment, from the very small to very large.


Homeland Security Saves Millions...

In 2007 Homeland security implemented FileOnQ to assist with their invoice and bill tracking. They have seen significant cost and time savings, reduced liability exposure and are now able to meet all legal and governmental regulatory compliance specifications. The customizability and scaleability that FileOnQ provides DHS are nearly limitless and is one of the reasons they continue expand the reach of FileOnQ within their organization year after year.

  • Features - One Complete List

FileOnQ offer a variety of powerful features that are designed to fit a wide variety of organizations. Features that allow for scaleability along with keeping intial costs low. 

  • 100% Customizable
  • Browser-Based Capabilities
  • All fields are searchable
  • Inventory & Audit Tools
  • Auto-Tracking of Records
  • Edit by Scan Features
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Saved Worklist
  • Third Pary Integraion
  • Import existing data
  • PDA Mobile Solutions
  • Unlimted Custom Reports
  • Drag-n-Drop | Digital Records
  • Batch update Mulitple Records
  • Automated Notification System
  • Barcode Based
  • Powerful Admin Security Tools

Feature Enhancements

ModulesAdditional modules are available to add increased functionality to meet your agency’s needs and growth.

Learn More : Modules

  • Active Directrory Portal: Single sign-on access for FileOnQ users.
    • eDocs: Attach electronic documents of any type via drag-n-drop or import.
  • Notification: Email notifications and associated attachments sent based on set rules or criteria you require.
  • Retention: Establish, assign and calculate proper retention procedures based on organizational requirements.
  • Container/Box Tracking: Allows creating, indexing and barcode tracking of archive boxes.
    • Image Batch Scan: For agencies that are imaging in batches and have a production-imaging requirement.
  • Signature Capture: Enables digital signatures to be captured for the authorization and transfer of records.