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Localgov SubTopic articleStrong "Local" Agency Commitment

We have had a very strong commitment and presence in local government, with hundreds of agencies using FileOnQ™ to manage property and evidence, court records and much more. Police departments, courts, county sheriffs offices and district attorneys offices have all benefited from the power, time and cost savings that our system provides. We have given them the ability to quickly access, edit, view, locate and run reports on any item from anywhere, from one customizable screen (profile). Agencies have the control, security and accountability over all their items, records and documents, with access whenever and however they choose. We are committed to bringing local government agencies a cost effective and easy-to-use solution that fits and enhances (not changes) their current processes and procedures.


Courts have the ability to easily track files because each court file has an associated unique barcode. The file is tracked to court, to the judge's chambers, out for viewing and back to the file room. Preparing for a court docket is simple, efficient and secure.

They love our system not only to quickly manage and track files, court records and evidence, but also for built-in features like the unalterable chain-of-custody. This can instantly show where an item is has been, ANY changes made to that item, and who made the changes. This feature alone helps evidence stand up in court because of the accurate records and reports our system can produce.

Local Law Enforcement track and manage their property and evidence from the crime scene to the court room. The time savings and integrity that our system offers for these agencies is huge. Agencies love that the screen is completely customizable. Each agency can have screens that feature the fields and information they want, so it fits perfectly with their terminology and current process and procedures.

District Attorneys can be given access to the FileOnQ™ to assist them with charging decisions, trial preparation and disposition of cases. They can view the evidence and any photos or electronic documents, then submit requests for items. This reduces the phone calls and trips to the evidence room for viewing.

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