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How To Build Custom Queries


Every CUSTOM QUERY needs instructions (criteria) that the FileOnQ Platform will follow when searching data for thespecific information you’re seeking. Most queries require several sets of criteria, which the system runs in a sequence (i.e. ‘first search for this, then eliminate that, then narrow it down to this). Some steps seek to include desired information, while other steps seek to exclude unwanted information.

For example, you might build a query to locate all of the firearms in the FileOnQ Platform, BUT, you only want to locate the firearms that are currently being stored, so you instruct the system to exclude all records for guns that have already been released to the owner, destroyed, or permanently removed otherwise from your control. Each set of criteria is put together using the CUSTOM QUERY tools, and each set is then added to the query, one by one, so that all necessary instructions will be followed by the system to bring back the specific data you want.

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