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You can read about how our system works, but to truly understand the user-friendly design and flexibility, you need to see it yourself. We provide these regularly scheduled nationwide group webinars to provide you an option to discover if our solutions will meet your agency’s specific needs.

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Evidence Platform Webinar

TUES. October 31st | 9am PST

Eliminate the Fear & Risk in Evidence Management.

Managing a property and evidence room is scary enough, but it can be downright terrifying without the right software.

There’s no need to be afraid. When you have the right solution, evidence management is a treat.

Give yourself a treat and register to learn how the FileOnQ Evidence Platform can help you exercise the demons in your property and evidence room.

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Spillman RMS & EvidenceOnQ Integration Benefits

Thur. October 19th | 10am PST

Is Your Spillman Evidence Module Serving You Well?

We are very familiar with Spillman’s RMS evidence module strengths and weaknesses and have worked with several agencies to switch from Spillman to EvidenceOnQ to manage their evidence.

We have a very nice integration workflow set up with the Spillman system that gives you the best of both worlds for both case management and evidence management. The only requirement on your end is that you have the Spillman XML Law module.



  • Show the features of EvidenceOnQ
  • Discuss how it is integrated with Spillman,
  • Discuss how you can reduce your paper documentation,
  • Automate many processes in your property room,
  • Streamline your inventories, and
  • Implement an efficient dispo process.

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Digital Evidence Webinar

CLASS CLOSED! Recording Provided Below

This webinar is for you if you answer “no” to any of these questions.

  • Does your agency have a system for managing digital evidence?
  • Can your investigators quickly organize and review critical digital evidence in a case?
  • Can investigators securely share digital evidence with prosecutors?
  • Can your investigators testify their case evidence hasn’t changed since it was collected?
  • Are you tracking the chain of custody?
  • Are you purging digital evidence from closed cases?

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Foundrop Webinar

CLASS CLOSED! Recording Provided Below

Discover Foundrop – The Recovered Property Platform For Law Enforcement & The Public.

We understand that Nationwide, police departments collectively receive found property by the millions, where it often sits on shelves unclaimed and is not connected to cases or victims.  Foundrop makes these matches and can quickly reunite owners with their property.

Foundrop is built on a secure and robust cloud-based architecture that allows you to be up and running quickly. Foundrop will significantly reduce staff hoursspent logging and storing the overwhelming volume of property sitting in your evidence facility. Ultimately, Foundrop does what NCIC and state databases can’t.

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Training Webinar

FileOnQ & IAPE Joint Training


CLASS CLOSED! Recording Provided Below

Digital Evidence & Law Enforcement: Navigating the Complexities of Modern Investigations

PRESENTED BY: International Association for Property and Evidence
PRINCIPAL PRESENTER: Alexis Grochmal – IAPE Board Member
COST: Free!

Join us for a thought-provoking webinar on the role of digital evidence in modern law enforcement investigations.


  • Introduction to digital evidence and its importance in investigations
  • Collection and preservation of digital evidence
  • Techniques for analyzing digital evidence
  • Legal considerations for digital evidence in investigations
  • Best practices for working with digital evidence

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    Quartermaster Webinar

    CLASS CLOSED! Recording Provided Below

    Streamline How You Manage Assets & Quartermaster Items in 2023

    Come learn how FileOnQ’s Quartermaster application can help your department keep track of assets, uniforms, supplies, personnel training, and more.

    See how our latest version of the Quartermaster solution has enhanced tracking of uniforms and supplies along with new assign and return functionality to expedite the process.  Below are some of the key elements we will show along with dedicated Q&A discussion time to address specific needs.


    • UPC Barcode Scanning
    • Like Items UPC Tracking
    • Quantity On-hand
    • Set Reorder Points
    • Enhanced Check In/Out
    • Assign and Return
    • Manage Unique/Gernic and Consumable Items


    • Reorder Point Notice
    • Warranty Expiration Notice
    • Maintenance Tracking
    • And MORE

    Watch Recording | Thurs., April 6th

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    Our Integrations Provide Seamless Efficiency

    We work for you, and so should your software. Our integration team is dedicated to creating data-sharing solutions to meet your unique workflow and reduce repetitive work efforts. We have established integrations with numerous third-party software solutions, so your data is shared efficiently and accurately across software systems..

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