A Single Application to Manage ALL Your Equipment and Assets

Efficiently manage just about anything from a single, easy-to-use, user-tailorable platform.


Flexible, Easy-to-Use, with Limitless Functionality

Our asset and quartermaster application helps you manage equipment and assets with ease. It is 100% user configurable and allows you to track a wide range of items, including officer equipment, firearms, fixed assets, fleet assets, training assets, and special unit assets like SWAT and K9. The flexibility of our solution ensures it can adapt to your evolving needs.

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    With Our Quartermaster and Asset Management Application, You’ll Experience an Average of:


    Less Time Issuing Equipment

    Reduction in Staff Hours


    Faster Generation of Reports

    Can You Track Assets Seamlessly?

    Are your asset tracking capabilities inefficient because you are using multiple systems: pen and paper, Excel spreadsheets, or rigid and inefficient software? It’s time to replace those multiple systems with a single system that manages it all under one roof and is tailored to meet your current and future needs.

    track assets barcode technology

    With Our Quartermaster and Asset Application, You Can:

    • Use one platform to manage all department assets.
    • Have an accurate accounting of all items at your fingertips.
    • Barcode tracking streamlines every aspect of equipment management.
    monitor gear expire dates

    With Our Quartermaster and Asset Application, You Can:

    • Customize the data fields you require to manage items.
    • Automate notifications for expired items.
    • Reduce paper documentation.

    Are You Monitoring Expiration Dates?

    It is critical to track items’ expiration dates to keep your officers safe. Efficient tracking reduces the potential risk and liability of using expired equipment. Our solution will efficiently manage the lifecycle of these items. A system-generated report can produce a list of these items for follow-up or send an automated email instructing the possessor to bring it in for replacement.

    Do You Have Access to Real-Time Inventory?

    Having accurate inventory and audit capabilities for all your equipment and assets is essential for efficiency and integrity. A basic system should empower you instantly answer any of the following critical questions:

    • What equipment do we have and where is it located?
    • How many items are in stock?
    • When do I need to purchase more?
    • What equipment was purchased with grant money?

    If you can’t easily answer these questions, then your current quartermaster solution is not serving you well and could be costing your agency time, money, and resources.

    realtime inventories

    With Our Quartermaster and Asset Application, You Can:

    • Produce a wide variety of reports to meet your needs.
    • Provide a complete list of items in stock, assigned, and disposed.
    • Ensure accountability of all items assigned to your staff.

    Track Items Efficiently with a Customized Asset Management Application

    This user-configurable solution is flexible enough to conform to your agency’s needs. You can easily track various categories of items such as equipment, assets, firearms, vehicles, radios, and supplies. Serialized and high-dollar items can be tracked individually, with an automated and unalterable audit trail that documents all locations an item has been assigned.

    warehouse managers

    Warehouse Managers


    User-tailorable features and reports enable the application to manage assets, fleet vehicles, and equipment, always maintaining a complete, unalterable history.

    evidence staff image

    Evidence Staff


    This will be a perfect fit for evidence staff who use our evidence application (EvidenceOnQ). Our Quartermaster & Asset Management application is built on the same user-tailorable platform. It can be customized to fit your needs and workflows, and the interface, tools, and overall experience will be familiar. So there is no need to implement or learn another software system.

    logistics specialist

    Logistics Specialists


    Convenient reports show what is in stock and to whom it is assigned. Vehicles show when it was put into service, who it is assigned to, and when it is due for service.

    equipment supply staff

    Equipment & Supply Staff


    Barcode technology streamlines the process of issuing equipment by capturing digital signatures and reducing paper documentation.

    officers and patrol

    Sworn Staff


    Automated notifications will let officers know when equipment is due to expire, ensuring the safety and reliability of all equipment being issued and operated.

    fire marshalls

    Fire Marshalls


    Fire marshalls can feel confident with a fully user-tailorable system that adapts to their needs today and in the future. FileOnQ provides robust tracking, inventory, and audit capabilities to efficiently manage high-dollar assets and equipment.

    Benefits and Features

    100% User-Configurable Solution

    We put YOU in the driver’s seat by giving you complete control over the design of your profile screen. Every field is user-defined and can be modified as often as needed, ensuring your system meets your needs.

    Browser-Based Option

    Depending on your needs, the WebView module enables end-users to access the system from your intranet. This is especially helpful for agencies that want to give officers access to see what has been assigned to them or submit a request for service or replacement.

    Extensive Reporting Options

    The wide variety of user-defined reports are a manager’s dream come true. We go beyond the “canned” reports of other systems by giving you the power to create and save unlimited queries. From the convenience of the toolbar, these queries can be run and then generated into a specific form that meets the needs of your agency.

    Signature Capture

    An electronic signature can be captured when issuing equipment and assets. This reduces or eliminates time-consuming paper documentation. The signature is made part of the unalterable audit trail for each item.

    User Dashboards

    The browser-based module, WebView, provides a dashboard that displays essential information for each user group. Data can be shown in a pie chart, bar graph, a number, or gauge. The dashboard provided real-time data at a glance, eliminating the need to run individual queries.

    Unalterable Audit Trail

    Each record maintains an unalterable audit trail that documents all vital transactions: records created, edits, barcodes printed, location transfers, requests, and documents created and viewed.

    Flexible Search Capabilities

    Every field and combination of fields is searchable, providing variable query options. Fields can be searched with known values, begins with, ends with, and contains. Additional query options include current location, query by notes, created date, last transfer or edit dates, and document types.

    Barcode Technology

    FileOnQ uses barcode technology, a proven and superior tracking method, to efficiently track officer equipment, firearms, fixed assets, vehicles, and all other important departments items. Like items can be tracked using manufacturer UPC codes while the system maintains the number of items in stock and the reorder point.

    Loved by End Users, command staff, and IT

    “I’ve worked with many vendors and engineers over my 20 years here at SAPD and they are at the top of the list on companies I’d work with.”
    John R.
    Sr. Intelligence Analyst / San Antonio Police Department
    “I work full time for our agency and use different software and we don’t get support anywhere close to to what FileOnQ provides us.”
    Mark T.
    Sheridan Police Department

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    Industry-Leading Software From Experts With Law Enforcement Expertise

    Our experts leverage their diverse backgrounds in evidence management, crime scene investigation, patrol supervision, prosecution, and corrections to optimize your FileOnQ solution. By focusing on the big picture, they extend system benefits to all stakeholders, enhancing departmental efficiency and effectiveness.

    Product Specialists

    Has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of our FileOnQ software capabilities and will help your agency see a clear vision of the tailored solutions available to you both now and in the future.

    Subject Matter Experts

    Is your guide – someone who has “been there, done that” in law enforcement and used FileOnQ software solutions to bring extraordinary results to their own agency. With this knowledge and experience, they will work with you to tailor a solution that meets all your unique needs and exceeds your expectations.

    Technical Engineers

    Keeps everything running like a well oiled machine…Works with your agency’s IT staff to make sure that all the technical aspects of a successful solution are completed on time and without a hitch. (After all, we want your IT staff to achieve legendary status too).

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Does EvidenceOnQ read our existing barcodes?

    Yes, EvidenceOnQ can be configured to read most 1D barcodes and some 2D barcodes.

    Will the system generate reports and statistics?

    Yes, it is capable of producing any report your agency needs. Reports can be created to match the existing report format you currently use. New reports can be created to meet new and changing requirements as needed.

    Is the FileOnQ Quartermaster system hosted and cloud based, or stored on-premise?

    Your FileOnQ solution is stored locally on your own server. Some agencies choose to have their FileOnQ application installed on their cloud servers utilizing VMware.

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    Can I configure the system to meet our needs?

    Absolutely! One of the unique strengths of our solution is that it is fully tailored to meet the unique needs of each agency. Agencies can also make future modifications as needed. Fields can be added, modified, moved, or deleted to accommodate your changing needs.

    Can you import our current data?

    Yes, our platform has a very robust import utility for importing your current data into our system. The FileOnQ team has extensive experience with data conversion.

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