A No-Code Platform to Seamlessly Manage Your Agency

Create unlimited databases on-demand to empower your organization to manage just about anything.


What if You Could Manage Your Agency with a Single Platform?

In a matter of minutes, you can create a new application to manage anything with our Enterprise Platform. With the flexibility to implement numerous FileOnQ applications, this convenient tool eliminates lengthy bid processes or the need to submit justification for additional budget funding when new management needs arise.

Using FileOnQ databases throughout the department provides your staff with a familiar platform they understand well, with the same capabilities and user interface for all applications. The FileOnQ databases operate on industry-standard SQL Server databases that can be backed up, as opposed to Excel or Access files that may be corrupted or deleted.

How many different databases and Excel spreadsheets does your agency use to manage important tasks?

The management of day-to-day operations is critical and often overwhelming. Agencies are being asked to do more with less: reduced staff, outdated software systems, and budget cuts have a profound impact on everyone.

Are you just making do with inefficient software and creative workarounds? How many different spreadsheets do you maintain because you don’t have software systems that meet your needs?
With our Enterprise Platform, you can leave the workarounds and frustrations behind.

one solution, multiple applications

FileOnQ’s Enterprise Platform will enable you to:

  • Easily create customized databases when the need arises.
  • Reduce the time and cost to implement software systems.
  • Provide a trusted, familiar platform your IT staff can easily support.
wide range of application needs

Overcome These Struggles with the FileOnQ Enterprise Platform:

  • Replace spreadsheets with a customized database for each division.
  • Eliminate the time-consuming bidding process for software applications.
  • Implement databases in a matter of minutes – not months or years.

Do your software systems meet your agency’s wide range of needs?

Agencies share a common struggle:

  • Their software systems are inefficient or inadequate.
  • IT staff is spread thin in supporting various software applications from different vendors.
  • Employees resort to paper documentation and numerous spreadsheets to do their jobs.

All Divisions of Your Agency are Empowered with Flexible, Customized Applications

Manage every integral part of your department with efficiency, flexibility, and confidence.



Easily manage equipment and uniforms issued to personnel.

  • Produce a list of items issued to a person with just one click, including the date issued and expiration date.
  • Track high-dollar, serialized items individually, such as weapons, radios, and vests.
  • Track generic items with a UPC code, maintaining an inventory of items in stock and their reorder point.
  • Maintain a complete, unalterable history of each item.
  • Obtain electronic signatures when items are issued and returned.
asset management

Asset Management

Track your agency’s fixed assets, such as desks, chairs, and computers.

  • Assign items to a person, a location, or a status.
  • Document the asset tag number, purchase order, and vendor information.
  • Note warranty information, date last inspected, or date inventoried.

Fleet Management

Manage your department vehicles with an application configured to meet your needs.

  • Document important information such as make, model, VIN, year, and vehicle number.
  • Note distinguishing features of the vehicle such as markings, color, and special equipment.
  • Assign vehicles to individual people, a unit, or a status, e.g., ready line, out of service, auctioned.


Maintain training records in a secure database, reducing or eliminating paper documentation.

  • Produce an up-to-date training record for each employee. Set expiration dates for recurring training, such as first-aid.
  • Store training documentation, certificates, and testing results.
  • Run reports on personnel who speak specific languages or have specialty certifications.


Provide your rangemaster with a database specifically configured to manage the weapons at your department.

  • Document important information such as make, model, caliber, serial number, and asset number.
  • Generate reports from the toolbar showing which weapons are assigned to a specific person or unit.
  • Document the last qualification date and whether a weapon is department-issued or personally owned.
  • Document weapons inspections easily.


Streamline personnel management with a customized application to meet your needs.

  • Include vital data such as date of hire, last evaluation date, current rank, emergency contact information, etc.
  • Generate reports showing who is due for an evaluation or next in line for promotion.
  • Store important documentation in the database instead of maintaining paper files.

Benefits and Features

Implement Numerous FileOnQ Applications

Our Enterprise Platform is the ideal solution for agencies that want the flexibility to implement numerous FileOnQ applications.

Reduce Time and Cost to Implement Software Systems

The FileOnQ Enterprise License helps your agency avoid the lengthy bid process or submit justification for additional budget funding each time a new management need arises.

Create a New Application in Minutes

Using FileOnQ databases throughout your agency provides a familiar platform and user interface for all applications.

100% User-Tailorable and Customizable

You define the screen layout for each application, creating a customized solution for each database that meets your agency’s unique workflow.

Convenient for IT to Support

Your IT staff work will have the confidence of working with a trusted vendor and platform for the installation and maintenance of all the applications.

Barcode Technology

All FileOnQ applications have superior barcode technology. Barcodes can represent items, locations, containers, people, and status. Like items can be tracked using the manufacturer UPC.

Unlimited Possibilities

FileOnQ’s enterprise platform is as flexible as your own creativity. Create databases for managing personnel, training, firearms, uniforms, supplies, fleet, critical incidents, fixed assets, and so much more.

Loved by End-Users, Command Staff, and IT Departments

“We vetted several other vendors and in the end chose FileOnQ because of the security and capabilities with respect to reports, audit and easy of creating custom reports to fit our needs.”
Sylvia T.
Evidence Manager / Nevada Department of Public Safety
“EvidenceOnQ has solved a lot of our problems. Before we started using it, we had property records that were on paper. To find out where it came from, we had to go through two different electronic systems. EvidenceOnQ has condensed the effort we have to put into locating or managing items.”
Lisa D.
Property & Evidence Technician / Fife Police Department
“The ability to get stats right away is great. My department likes numbers, like how many guns came in last month. I used to have to count them manually—now I have a query that does it immediately. It makes things possible that weren’t before. “
Bob L.
Sr. Property & Evidence Supervisor / San Diego Police Department

Discover How One Platform Can Streamline Your Agency’s Operations

Schedule a demo
We will provide a demonstration tailored to meet your unique workflow and requirements. Our law enforcement specialist will assess your needs and answer your questions.
Discover your options
We will provide you with a proposal that meets your specific needs and budget.
Implement with confidence
Our customer success team will provide quality support throughout the implementation process of your FileOnQ solution.

Industry-Leading Software From Experts With Law Enforcement Expertise

Along with our industry-leading software, FileOnQ also provides training from experts who have a background in law enforcement. Their experience in evidence management, crime scene investigation, patrol supervision, prosecution, and corrections will help you make the most out of your FileOnQ solution. Our experts consider the “big picture” and work to extend the system benefits to every stakeholder, increasing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the department.

Product Specialists

With an in-depth understanding and knowledge of our FileOnQ software and evidence management processes, our product specialist will help your agency see a clear vision of the tailored solutions available to you both now and in the future.

Subject Matter Experts

With specific law enforcement experience, our subject matter specialist will work closely with you to ensure your unique needs are met.

Deployment Specialist

Our deployment specialists work with you to ensure all aspects of your system implementation are carried out efficiently and thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What RMS systems have you integrated with?

We have established integrations with many RMS vendors, such as: Tyler Technologies, Spillman, and active live integrations with some of the largest RMS vendors in the nation. Learn More… 

Can you import our current data?

Yes, our system has a built-in and very robust import utility for importing your current data. FileOnQ team has extensive experience with data conversion. Learn More…

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Can current customers upgrade to the enterprise license?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time and the transition is rather easy as your current applications will not be changed but now you will have the ability to add unlimited applications and databases, and more.

Is there a limit on users?

No, with the enterprise platform you can have unlimited users.

seven deadly sins of property evidence management cover

Avoiding These Seven Mistakes Can Save Your Agency from a World of Trouble

We have witnessed common mistakes made by agencies that can put them at risk. Please download this free guide called "The Seven Deadly Sins" that will help you evaluate your processes.

Discover How FileOnQ Can Transform Your Department & Your Agency

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