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Our next evolution in digital evidence management

Say ‘goodbye’ to cumbersome and costly digital evidence management and ‘hello’ to efficiency.

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Is Your Agency Overwhelmed with Digital Evidence?

We understand that law enforcement agencies are inundated with digital evidence data, requiring secure, cost-effective storage and swift accessibility for investigations and judicial proceedings. FileOnQ offers a robust digital evidence management system that enables law enforcement to overcome storage costs and streamline critical data management.

EMPOWER YOUR TEAM with a secure, efficient, and economical digital evidence management solution.

With Our Digital Evidence Management Software,  You’ll Experience an Average of:


Faster Discovery


Reduction in Staff Hours


Cost Reduction

Store and Secure Your Vital Digital Evidence with Confidence

Embrace the power of our Digital Evidence Management software, tailored to safeguard your high-stakes assets. Relish the flexibility to host on your premises, in the trusted Azure Government Cloud, or blend both to suit your financial scope and operational demands.

Rest easy knowing your sensitive digital evidence is guarded in accordance with the stringent SWGDE (Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence) standards, and meticulously preserved following the rigorous FBI CJIS security protocols. With us, your digital truth remains inviolate, secure, and always courtroom-ready.

secure and compliant
  • Store your digital evidence securely.
  • Control who has access to sensitive evidence.
  • Reduce officers’ time needed to submit digital evidence.
DigitalOnQ digital evidence storage
  • Streamline digital evidence management by eliminating the need for copying to discs or thumb drives.
  • Effectively handle a variety of digital media types, including CCTV footage, body-worn camera footage, interviews, and more.
  • Minimize liability risks associated with data degradation, theft, or physical storage device failures.

Say Goodbye to Outdated Storage and Discovery Methods

In an era where efficiency and security can’t be compromised, relying on physical discs and thumb drives for digital evidence is a practice of the past. Say no to the risks and delays. Embrace the power of DigitalOnQ, the cutting-edge solution designed to streamline your discovery process. Instantly import and organize vast amounts of digital evidence, regardless of where it’s stored – be it CDs, flash drives, or servers. With our advanced system, categorize and manage files with ease by offense, file type, or case number. Welcome to the future of digital evidence management – secure, swift, and smart.

Uncompromising Speed Meets Unparalleled Security

DigitalOnQ delivers a platform where speed and security reign supreme for managing investigative digital evidence. Our system is swift, allowing you to upload and secure your data quickly, streamlining tasks for officers and detectives. Our advanced search tools make navigating digital evidence easy, ensuring you find and share what you need promptly and efficiently. Plus, our robust security measures give you controlled sharing options and tracking of all file interactions, protecting the integrity of your evidence. With DigitalOnQ, experience the best of both worlds: unmatched speed and features without sacrificing security.

DigitalOnQ Digital Evidence management Security
  • Securely deliver digital evidence to prosecutors for the case.
  • Control access to case evidence within authorized time limits.
  • Add watermarks to digital evidence for enhanced security.
DigitalOnQ DEMS access share
  • Upload and access digital evidence in the field.
  • Access digital evidence from any computer on the department’s network.
  • Conveniently access digital evidence for case management.

Streamline Your Evidence Handling: DigitalOnQ Delivers Anywhere Access & Seamless Sharing

Enable law enforcement teams to effortlessly manage and exchange digital evidence on the go. DigitalOnQ operates seamlessly via any web browser connected to your intranet, empowering patrol officers, detectives, and supervisors to instantly upload and locate digital materials from the field. Simplify evidence handling with our desktop client for annotations, printing, and secure distribution. Fully compatible with our premier EvidenceOnQ evidence management software, DigitalOnQ provides a unified solution for comprehensive access to both physical and digital evidence. Transform your evidence management with DigitalOnQ — Efficiency in Every Click.

DigitalOnQ Competitor Comparison


Efficiently Organize ALL Your Digital Evidence FROM ONE PLACE!

Empower stakeholders with seamless access, management, and sharing of digital evidence through a customizable, user-friendly system. Delivering the efficiency, flexibility, and control necessary to streamline access to case-related digital evidence.

officers and patrol

Patrol Officers


Transform the way officers capture, access, and integrate digital evidence, right from the palm of their hand. From capturing on-the-go footage to effortlessly incorporating CCTV, Ring, Arlo, and a myriad of other third-party media, our cutting-edge application is designed with the modern officer in mind. Optimize your time, minimize pressures, and accelerate response rates to community needs. Embrace efficiency and elevate your service delivery with DigitalOnQ.




Maximize your investigation efficiency with DigitalOnQ: Stream videos, review images, and access documents seamlessly in-system. For in-depth analysis, effortlessly download any specialized digital evidence. All the tools you need, in one powerful digital evidence management platform.


Prosecutors & Stakeholders


DigitalOnQ allows investigators to share an entire case as an online download. Shared evidence is password protected and limited, so case files can ONLY be downloaded during a designated period. Therefore, a prosecutor is empowered to access case evidence quickly during the discovery process.

Digital Evidence Admin

Information Technology


Maximize Your Digital Evidence Management with DigitalOnQ – The Ultimate Agnostic Solution! Unleash the power to integrate with ANY device, guaranteeing unparalleled flexibility. Our fully scalable system adapts to departments of all sizes, ensuring a perfect fit. Transform your evidence storage into a cost-efficient powerhouse, whether you choose local drives, dedicated servers, or tap into the vast potential of Azure Government Cloud Storage. DigitalOnQ is where limitless compatibility meets uncompromised security. 


Records Management


DigitalOnQ enables users to identify and purge digital evidence with its built-in automation and notification tools. Our digital evidence management system integrates with our physical evidence management system (EvidenceOnQ) and syncs retention settings to alert you when all evidence in a case is ready to be purged.


Police Administration


DigitalOnQ’s unalterable chain of custody ensures the integrity of digital evidence. It logs every action, from when it was created to its final adjudication. Ensuring that your digital evidence data is secure, easily accessible, and manageable for all stakeholders.

Benefits and Features

Everything in One Place

However your digital media is stored – CDs, flash drives, external hard drives, servers, or other media – DigitalOnQ has the flexibility to quickly import large volumes of archival, current, and future digital evidence into the system. In addition, our digital evidence software solution allows you to group or associate your evidence into categories to fit within your department’s evidence handling policy.

Secure Mobile & Web Access/Capture

With our digital evidence software, your evidence never changes when it’s uploaded into your digital property room. DigitalOnQ produces a unique hash of every file, ensuring the chain of custody of every file is documented and accounted for. Evidence shared with prosecutors or other investigators can be limited to a specific timeframe. Watermarks can also be added to shared images for increased security. Usernames and passwords can be synced with Active Directory or auto-generated and independently managed by users.

Integrates with EvidenceOnQ

Store all your evidence in one place. Officers, detectives, and prosecutors can view physical evidence records and digital media evidence within the same platform. There’s no need to utilize two systems or request copies stored on a disc to review case evidence. One-click access to DigitalOnQ’s repository provides instant access to critical digital evidence.

Robust Sharing Options

Digital evidence can be shared electronically via a secure link or saved to physical media and handed off to the prosecutor. When evidence is shared electronically, you have control over who sees it, for how long, their level of access, and whether or not they can download a local copy. DigitalOnQ’s comprehensive security system manages and documents the entire chain of custody.

Maintains the Original Media Integrity

DigitalOnQ verifies imported images that came from their original source and identifies when duplicate files may already be in the system. All digital multimedia are imported with the original metadata created when the image was captured, including device make/model, date/time taken, camera settings, image size, GPS location, and more. DigitalOnQ maintains complete file integrity throughout the entire evidence cycle.

Classification, Annotation, & Grouping

Streamline how you organize and search for digital evidence by applying classifications, annotations and through the use of file grouping. For example, investigators can easily apply annotations, crime classification, and organize evidence by address, date/time collected, original collecting officers, and much more.

Edits & Enhancement

Need to blur victims or addresses within a set of images? Or brighten a set of dark photos and crop them so just a person-of-interest can be seen? Users with appropriate permissions can apply redactions or make critical enhancements directly within DigitalOnQ. Every redaction or enhancement is saved as a separate derivative file leaving the original files unchanged. DigitalOnQ also seamlessly integrates with Adobe Photoshop if more advanced edits and enhancements are required.

Dynamic Searching

Easy to use search tools allow investigators to query digital evidence by name, case number, type, date, collecting officer, and other available file information. Stop spending hours combing through discs or external hard drives, searching for a critical digital evidence file. Now you can dynamically view all images and video, or a single video related to a case, in a detailed thumbnail view with simple one-click preview access.

Hardware Agnostic

The DigitalOnQ system can manage virtually any type of digital evidence. For example, patrol officers can upload CCTV footage collected from businesses and case photos taken when their department-issued smartphones. Investigators can add witness interviews, crime scene videos, and other digital evidence. Traffic detectives can upload crash reconstruction data and drone footage. All digital evidence collected by police departments can be stored and managed in one place, and you’re always in control.

Axon Integration

With DigitalOnQ, investigators can seamlessly review and share any Axon digital media, including BWC video, AxonCapture case photos, and citizen shared digital evidence.

No Long-Term Contracts

Unlike other DEMS providers, we do not lock you into long-term contracts. We feel that the power and value of our DEMS will keep you using it. Our goal is to empower our users, not handcuff them.

Loved by End Users, Command Staff, and IT Departments

“I can purge a couple of hundred items in a few minutes—it is so great!”
Nicole L.
Evidence Technician / Petaluma Police Department
“I am a huge FileOnQ advocate and I preach it everywhere I go. I especially preach it to smaller agencies because it is a lifesaver in court and investigations. It is worth every penny.”
Charles H.
Director of Crime Scene Forensics & Evidence / City of Anderson Police Department

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Our experts leverage their diverse backgrounds in evidence management, crime scene investigation, patrol supervision, prosecution, and corrections to optimize your FileOnQ solution. By focusing on the big picture, they extend system benefits to all stakeholders, enhancing departmental efficiency and effectiveness.

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With an in-depth understanding and knowledge of our FileOnQ software and evidence management processes, our product specialist will help your agency see a clear vision of the tailored solutions available to you both now and in the future.

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Deployment Specialist

Our deployment specialists work with you to ensure all aspects of your system implementation are carried out efficiently and thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can digital evidence be stored in the Cloud?

Yes. Digital evidence can be stored on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid approach of both. FileOnQ can provide storage for your digital files if your agency does not have storage resources.

Can we share digital evidence with external parties such as the prosecutor's office?

Yes, the DigitalOnQ Share feature allows designated users to share digital evidence with parties both within and outside your agency. The audit trail documents each time a digital file is shared.

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Can media files be uploaded in bulk or just one at a time?

Bulk uploads can be made using the web-based solution as well, however, iPhones contain proprietary software that only allows the upload of one file at a time. The easy solution is to load the files onto a PC, then upload them into DigitalOnQ.

Is DigitalOnQ limited to the types of media files it handles?

No. DigitalOnQ can import and store any digital media type including images, video, PDF, audio, etc. Even third-party proprietary media such as CCTV and their players can be stored in DigitalOnQ.

Are the required media viewers/players proprietary?

No, however some media players often require proprietary files to be uploaded in order to play videos. Unfortunately, no universal player permits the viewing of ALL video media when the media was recorded using proprietary encoding software.


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