A User-Configurable Evidence Management Application

Instill efficiency and confidence in your evidence management – from crime scene to courtroom.


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Do You Know Where Your Evidence Is?

FileOnQ’s evidence management solution, EvidenceOnQ, empowers agencies to efficiently manage property and evidence throughout its entire lifecycle. Agencies see an immediate return on investment when they implement EvidenceOnQ. It reduces handwritten documentation, eliminates repetitive work effort, minimizes paper, and automates the chain of custody.

Effective evidence management is not just collecting, storing, and tracking items. It includes an airtight chain of custody, complete accountability, meeting accreditation standards, and vital reporting capabilities. Having a user-configurable system that is customized to the unique needs of each agency extends time savings and efficiency to the entire department.

With Our Evidence Management Application, You’ll Experience an Average of:


Time Savings for Intake Process


Reduction of Staff Hours for Purging


Time Savings to Generate Reports

Are You Feeling Handcuffed and Overwhelmed by Your Evidence Management System?

Keeping up with the daily barrage of property and evidence can be daunting and is often intensified by poor evidence management software. An inadequate system can cause redundant processes, excessive paper documentation, inaccurate or manipulated data, lost evidence, and compromised chain of custody. The limitations of your evidence system may be preventing your staff from achieving excellence in this very important area of your department.

overwhelmed by evidence

Experience These Benefits with EvidenceOnQ:

  • Be confident your data is accurate, secure, and easily accessible
  • Use a flexible evidence system that is tailored to meet your needs
  • Reduce repetitive work effort and data entry
modern policing evidence technology

Overcome These Struggles with EvidenceOnQ:

  • Automate routine tasks and reduce repetitive work effort
  • Be as paperless as you choose to be
  • Have confidence your evidence is accounted for and has a solid chain of custody

Does Your Evidence System Meet the Needs of Modern Policing?

Law enforcement processes continue to evolve with new technology. The mantra of “this is how we have always done it” is no longer valid or sustainable. Paper documentation is becoming a thing of the past, with new technology and automation around every corner. Agencies that maintain antiquated processes often find themselves in the headlines. Do you have confidence that your evidence system is reducing your agency’s liability and risk?

Does Your Evidence System Empower You to Adequately Serve?

Evidence management also includes many kinds of service: providing discovery to the prosecutor, assisting the investigator, answering questions from the public, and returning items to the legal owner. The limited functionality of an evidence system can often prevent you from efficiently providing this service. It is vital to have a robust, flexible software that will enable you to be proactive, not reactive, when performing these important duties. You should not have to change your processes due to a deficient evidence system; it should be flexible to meet your needs. Is your evidence system a hindrance or help?

serve adequately

Experience These Benefits with EvidenceOnQ:

  • Tailor reports, labels, dashboards and more to fit agency needs and requirements.
  • Efficiently access and share data with authorized stakeholders, and even the public.
  • Find what you need, when you need it – in seconds.

All Stakeholders are Empowered with Modern Evidence Management

Manage all your evidence with greater efficiency, integrity, and confidence – from crime scene to court room.

patrol and investigations

Patrol Officers & Investigators


PATROL OFFICERS spend less time filling out bags and tags and more time available for calls. Customized, intuitive entry screens provide consistency, with required fields ensuring vital information is captured. INVESTIGATORS can easily organize the evidence in the case for presentation to the prosecutor.

evidence staff

Evidence Staff


EVIDENCE STAFF are no longer required to do data entry and time-consuming computer documentation. Barcode technology makes transactions fast, automated, and paperless. The automated dispo process assigns a retention date and sends out automated requests for review. Purge projects are efficient and streamlined, freeing up valuable storage space for incoming evidence and returning items to their owner. Customized reports easily show accurate productivity, inventory, and statistics.

government evidence storage



ADMINISTRATION feels confident their agency is utilizing best practices for evidence management and meets accreditation standards. The integrity of their evidence is protected with an unalterable chain of custody, and random percentage audits ensure policies and procedures are being followed.




PROSECUTORS can access evidence information as needed instead of calling to request evidence reports and chain of custody. They can submit requests or authorizations electronically, such as requesting lab analysis or approving the return of the item to the owner.




VICTIMS can enter an itemized list of stolen property directly into Foundrop, saving the officer a follow-up visit and supplemental report. The public can report their own lost property as well as property that may have been found.


IT Staff


IT STAFF appreciate the ease of installation and minimal support required, with no need to add additional technical staff to maintain the system.

Benefits and Features

100% User-configurable Screen

We put YOU in the driver’s seat! You have complete control of your profile screen design. You determine the location of the fields as well as the name and field parameters. Your agency can also determine the format of reports, the barcode label design, location barcodes, and workflow.

Browser-Based Access

Our solutions are browser based and easily accessed from any computer on your network. This provides convenient access to enter evidence, print barcodes and reports, submit requests, and search for information.

Inventories and Audits

Our solution provides fast and accurate inventories using barcode technology. A detailed inventory report shows items accounted for, missing, and in the wrong location. Random percentage audit reports comply with accreditation standards.

Customizable Reports

The versatile reporting capabilities are a supervisor’s dream come true. Our solution offers unlimited, real-time reporting. Queries are easily built and saved without IT assistance. Customized reports provide statistics, inventory details, and accreditation compliance. Custom reports provide necessary information in the format required.

Single Screen Convenience

Our solution is designed to streamline data entry and all aspects of evidence management. All essential transactions such as searching, scanning barcodes, transferring items, and obtaining signatures are made from one screen.

Barcode Technology

Barcode technology is faster and more accurate than any other form of tracking. Using a barcode will dramatically decrease the time it takes to retrieve a record from the database and document the transfer of that item to another location or status.

User-Group Dashboards

Dashboard widgets for each user group provide vital information at a glance. Officers may see a link to their last 10 cases and packaging instructions, while evidence staff may see the number of items in intake, evidence pending destruction, or the type of evidence being stored.

RMS and Digital Evidence Integration

You can have the best of both worlds. RMS evidence modules notoriously lack functionality and flexibility, therefore we have integrated with many CAD/RMS companies to create seamless data sharing. Our EvidenceOnQ and DigitalOnQ systems are integrated, keeping all types of evidence tightly connected in a cohesive platform.

Automated Notifications

Our workflow notification automates tasks that are usually performed manually. Specific criteria are built into “triggers” that will take an action, such as an automated email to an officer if an item needs correction or evidence has been checked out too long. Triggers can also stop a prohibited action, such as releasing drugs to an owner or destroying search warrant items without a court order.

Modern Search Capabilities

A wide range of search tools allows users to find information quickly and easily. Every field and combination of fields on the profile screen is searchable. Queries can be made using known, unknown, and partial information.

Unalterable Chain of Custody

Maintaining a solid chain of custody is one of the most important requirements in evidence management. EvidenceOnQ makes the chain of custody automated and unalterable. A customized chain of custody report makes trial preparation accurate, and efficient.

Mobile PDA Options

Our mobile solution provides the convenience of performing tasks in remote locations where a computer may not be available. Working in a disconnected environment, MobileOnQ offers four functionality choices: transfer items, transfer boxes, perform inventories, and transfer items with a signature.

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  • All modules included
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  • Ongoing training and support
  • Lifetime hardware replacement.

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We know you face daily challenges to do more with less. This is why we now offer a Property and Evidence Management Subscription Platform. We want to help you meet the demands of today’s modern policing at a price you can afford.

Loved by end-users, command staff, and IT

“EvidenceOnQ has solved a lot of our problems. Before we started using it, we had property records that were on paper. To find out where it came from, we had to go through 2 different electronic systems. EvidenceOnQ has condensed the effort we have to put into locating or manage items.”
Lisa D.
Property & Evidence Technician / Fife Police Department
“The ability to get stats right away is great. My department likes numbers, like how many guns came in last month. I used to have to count them manually—now I have a query that does it immediately. It makes things possible that weren’t before. “
Bob L.
Sr. Property & Evidence Supervisor / San Diego Police Department
“I have never seen such a clean evidence system. From the day we first saw it, it was like the heaven’s opened and I could hear the angels singing ‘Hallelujah!'”
Orland Police Department

Start now to improve your evidence management capabilities

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We have been there, done that, and feel your pain!

Providing Professional Expertise

FileOnQ’s evidence consultants average 20+ years of experience in law enforcement, with expertise in crime scene investigation, evidence management, policies and procedures, and consulting. Our training goes above and beyond what other software companies provide. We will assist you with developing new policies and procedures, provide recommendations for storage methods, and assist you in preparing for accreditation. This is provided with your initial training and is part of your ongoing support. Our experts have firsthand experience in all these areas and are ready to share their knowledge with your agency.

Product Specialists

Product specialists have an in-depth knowledge of our FileOnQ software capabilities and can help you understand how it applies to your agency’s specific needs. They will demonstrate a clear vision for how our tailored solutions will benefit your entire agency.

Subject Matter Experts

Subject matter experts have “been there, done that” in law enforcement. They can share their own experiences using the FileOnQ system that brought positive change to their agency. This knowledge will help you implement a tailored solution that meets your unique needs and exceeds your expectations.

Technical Engineers

Technical engineers keep everything running like a well-oiled machine. They work with your IT staff to establish a clear project plan and ensure a successful implementation. This includes data import, server requirements, hardware set up, and system configuration. They will provide support during go-live and throughout the use of your FileOnQ platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you import our current data?

Yes, our system has a built-in and very robust import utility for importing your current data. FileOnQ team has extensive experience with data conversion.

Does EvidenceOnQ read our existing barcodes?

Yes, EvidenceOnQ can be configured to read most 1D barcodes and some 2D barcodes.

Will EvidenceOnQ generate reports and statistics?

Yes, it is capable of producing any report your agency needs. Reports can be created to match the existing report format you currently use. New reports can be created to meet new and changing requirements as needed.

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Is the EvidenceOnQ system hosted and cloud based?

No, we provide an “On premise” solution, meaning the data is stored locally on a customer’s server. However, some customers have chosen to have their FileOnQ application and database installed on their cloud servers utilizing VMware.

Will EvidenceOnQ integrate with our RMS?

Yes, EvidenceOnQ can integrate with ANY third-party software. FileOnQ has a talented and dedicated integration team that has developed integrations with many records management systems. We have also integrated with lab systems, purchasing databases, towing/impound systems, and court management. If a software vendor is willing to work with us, we can establish a robust and stable integration between EvidenceOnQ and other software.

Can I configure the system to fit our needs?

Absolutely! One of the unique strengths of our solution is that it is tailored to meet your agency’s unique needs. Every field is user-defined, and you can make changes to the screen at any time. This provides you with a robust solution that changes as your needs change.

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