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Harness the Power of a Single User-Tailorable System Designed to Manage Mission-Critical Data According to Your Unique Processes and Requirements. 


Revolutionize the way you manage digital evidence!

With our latest version, DigitalOnQ v3, we've honed in on versatility and cost-effectiveness, distinguishing ourselves from the competition and addressing the ever-evolving challenges of digital evidence management.

Physical Evidence Management

Management System

Recovered Property Management

Found and Recovered Property System

Digital Evidence Management

Digital Evidence
Management System

Forensic Suite and Crime Scene Management

Crime Scene and Investigation System

Quartermaster and Asset Management

Asset and
Quartermaster System

Your software system shouldn’t be frustrating or restrict you from doing your job efficiently.

Whether you use an RMS or in-house system, you may have experienced many of the following challenges:

  • Duplicate work effort and paper documentation
  • Difficulty determining location of items
  • Time-consuming and inaccurate inventories
  • Overflowing inventory due to lack of purging
  • Inability to produce reports and statistics
  • Dismissed cases due to compromised chain of custody
  • Your system can’t be customized to meet your work processes
  • Insufficient training and customer support from the software vendor
  • Lack of vendor expertise on subject matter
  • Increased liability and exposure
  • Failure to meet accreditation requirements
police software systems


FileOnQ addresses the inflexibility of traditional software by providing a dynamic, user-configurable platform that streamlines operations for public safety agencies, allowing for seamless evolution alongside changing agency needs and minimizing costly inefficiencies.


FileOnQ’s platform provides a powerful, single-codebase software solution that allows agencies to rapidly launch unlimited applications with the flexibility for continuous customization, streamlining data management by reducing dependency on multiple systems and vendors.


FileOnQ’s Platform is designed to elevate operational efficiency through a user-centric, adaptable software solution that streamlines processes, synchronizes data management, and provides the crucial tools for every team member to excel in their roles.

Trusted by over 350 agencies in North America


The Ultimate Public Safety Solution Built By A Team of Experts From the Field.

Elevate Your Agency’s Efficiency, Integrity and Confidence.

Discover a tailor-made solution designed to fortify agency operations across local, state, and federal levels. Our versatile platform seamlessly orchestrates the handling of both physical and digital evidence, assets, equipment, found/recovered property, and crime scene management. Embrace the transformative journey taken by countless agencies—adopt FileOnQ and revolutionize the way you manage your resources, optimize your workflow, and enhance overall productivity.

Loved by End Users, Command Staff, and IT Departments

“I can’t say enough good things about FileOnQ, great product, great service and great people to work with.”
Dawn M.
Evidence Unit Supervisor / Fort Lauderdale Police Department
“I can assure you that this vendor is GREAT, and the FileOnQ platform has met every need of our organization.”
Sheryl G.
Office of Chief Technology Officer / Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department
“We vetted several other vendors and in the end chose FileOnQ because of the security and capabilities with respect to reports, audit and easy of creating custom reports to fit our needs.”
Sylvia T.
Nevada Department of Public Safety
“My colleagues in the Crime Scene Unit have found this product to be exceptional both in ease of use and the research, tracking and retrieval of records.”
Thomas C.
Officer/Evidence Technician / Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department
“The software and the level of customer support, in my experience, is the best that I have ever had.”
Sergeant James B.
Ventura County District Attorney

Run Your Department With Confidence & Efficiency

FileOnQ’s platform provides your agency with the tools necessary to meet all of your management and tracking needs.


100% Customizable to Meet Your Needs

save time

Know Where Everything Is

chain of custody

Clear Chain of Custody

accurate inventories

Save Time and Money


Quick and Accurate Inventories

good reputation

Stay Out of the Headlines

Our experts' average law enforcement experience


Our customer satisfaction score


Percentage of solutions delivered since 1996 still in use

Average reduction of manual work

The numbers speak for themselves

Want to gather more proof?

Schedule a demo
We will provide a demonstration tailored to meet your unique workflow and requirements. Our law enforcement specialist will assess your needs and answer your questions.
Discover your options
We will provide you with a proposal that meets your specific needs and budget.
Implement with confidence
Our customer success team will provide quality support throughout the implementation process of your FileOnQ solution.

Receive the Benefits of Our Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Platform

Our customer support team combines their decades of law enforcement experience to provide unmatched training, support, and consulting services from day one.


Seamless transition & setup

We have the expertise to easily transfer your existing data into your new FileOnQ solution.


customer support

Top-notch customer support

You are never alone with FileOnQ. Our customer support team is available to answer your questions and meet your support needs.READ MORE
expert training

Ongoing expert training

Our law enforcement experts will provide you with ongoing training and new hire orientation.


Firsthand Success Stories – Customer Testimonials

Empowering “True” Evidence Management

“We needed to have a way to manage our property and evidence and have an adaptable and fully compliant and secure way to do that. The FileOnQ platform exceeded our expectations.”

A Chief Perspective

“With the FileOnQ Platform, we now have a flexible software solution that adapts to us rather than us having to adapt to it. Our previous RMS systems’ evidence modules did not provide that.”

seven deadly sins of property evidence management cover

Avoiding These Seven Mistakes Can Save Your Agency from a World of Trouble

We have witnessed common mistakes made by agencies that can put them at risk. Please download this free guide called "The Seven Deadly Sins" that will help you evaluate your processes.

Discover how FileOnQ can transform your department & your agency

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