The Investigative & Recovered Property Platform

A NIBRS compliant solution that connects recovered property to cases and owners in seconds.


Stop Storing It. Start Connecting It.

We understand that Nationwide, police departments collectively receive found property by the millions, where it often sits on shelves unclaimed and is not connected to cases or victims.  Foundrop makes these matches and can quickly reunite owners with their property.

Foundrop is built on a secure and robust cloud-based architecture that allows you to be up and running quickly. Foundrop will significantly reduce staff hours spent logging and storing the overwhelming volume of property sitting in your evidence facility. Ultimately, Foundrop does what NCIC and state databases can’t.

With Our Found Property Application, You’ll Experience an Average of:


Faster Discovery


Increase in Connecting Property Back to Cases

Average Return on Investment

STOP Waisting Time Managing Recovered Property!

Law enforcement agencies are challenged by the disconnect of matching recovered property to cases and victims. The investigative process is time-consuming and paper-driven. Foundrop solves the problem by automating many functions, saving valuable time for patrol officers by reducing the hand-written documentation of stolen property.

Not only does our software eliminate the hands-on work by patrol officers and records staff in stolen property cases, but it also provides investigations and evidence staff a searchable database to connect the property with its owners.

Loss of Time

Foundrop Saves Time With:

  • Paperwork and data entry for officers and records staff.
  • The backlog of cases and empowering you to return more property.
  • Documenting and managing stolen/recovered property cases.
found property cases

Experience These Benefits With Foundrop:

  • Does what the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) can’t.
  • Connects stolen and found property to cases across jurisdictions.
  • Detectives and investigators receive automatic notifications when matched items are posted.

How Do You Know if Another Agency Has Property Related to Your Case?

It is not uncommon for stolen items to be recovered in another jurisdiction.

Let’s look at a common situation with evidence. A homicide occurs in Seattle and the offender takes the victim’s gold pendant that had a unique engraving. Later, in Atlanta, the offender is arrested for burglary, and the pendant is among the items recovered and booked into evidence. Unfortunately, since there is no database to run the unserialized pendant, Seattle will probably never know that Atlanta has this key homicide evidence. But with Foundrop, these two agencies can be connected in minutes.

When It Comes to Recovered Property, Do You Feel Handcuffed?

Foundrop helps you find a needle in a haystack. Too many law enforcement agencies are using outdated software. We understand budgets are limited, so Foundrop is built to empower agencies regardless of the systems they are using. Your agency can use basic PDFs, CSV files, and web-based apps as well as robust APIs if you’re connected to the web. Even if you still write reports by hand, Foundrop can help reduce or eliminate the hand-written documentation of property.


With Foundrop You Can:

  • Enjoy a cloud-based database for all property.
  • Benefit from reliable, user-friendly software.
  • Enable victims to complete their stolen property inventory online.

Your Personalized System Will Be Up and Running Within Minutes

The simplicity of onboarding our software is easy: A metropolitan area with dozens of law enforcement agencies can be up and running on our cloud-based platform in less than a day. You read that correctly! One day.

evidence staff image

Evidence Staff


Returning property frees up valuable storage space. Found property can instantly be posted online through automation for the public to search and claim their valuables.

officers and patrol

Patrol Officers


Stolen property inventories can be completed online by victims, saving valuable officer time. As items are found, the claiming owner is notified by email. This is truly proactive community service in action!




Recovered property is connected to cases and victims across jurisdictions in seconds. Investigators will automatically be notified when evidence that matches their search criteria is found by any agency nationwide that uses Foundrop. NCIC can’t do that!




Our solution empowers citizens to document their lost or stolen property and increases the changes of being reunited with their valuables.


Records Division


A notification is sent to your records division when a stolen property inventory report comes in. The report is accessed with a single click, eliminating manual entry of property inventory forms into RMS.

Benefits and Features

Cloud-Based Platform

Built on advanced cloud services, the Foundrop platform provides fast implementation. The low overhead and ease of use provide a high level of customer satisfaction, with convenient search criteria similar to an online shopping site.

Citizen Portal—Report and Claim

Victims can itemize their stolen property through Foundrop. Eliminating the need for an officer to pick up the list for their report, Foundrop sends the list to the agency’s records management system to eliminate manual entry. The records division is instantly notified when a stolen property inventory report comes in. Agencies can also utilize Foundrop for listing found property to meet statutory posting requirements.

Digital Bulletin Board (BOLO)

Foundrop provides a BOLO/ATL feature for agencies to post property descriptions and pictures. In unison with the “Hit-List” feature, agencies are automatically notified when a posted item matches. This feature unites reporting agencies with recovering agencies, linking property and cases.

Connection Among Jurisdictions

Law enforcement agencies recover thousands of items each year that are never connected to cases or owners due to the use of various records and property management systems. Foundrop unites these systems by connecting recovering agencies and reporting agencies. Foundrop’s technology finds the needle in the haystack!

Automated Notification System

When an agency using Foundrop receives property, it is added to the “Hit List.” If it matches the item description that another agency is searching for, they are notified by email that it has been found. Also, records divisions are instantly notified when a stolen property inventory report comes in and the report can be accessed with a single click.

EvidenceOnQ Integration

Foundrop integrates with the EvidenceOnQ evidence management system, the industry-leading solution developed by FileOnQ. It provides comprehensive tools for public safety agencies to securely and efficiently manage both physical and digital evidence.

Loved by End Users, Command Staff, and IT Departments

“Going from a paper based system to an automated entry system has resulted in tremendous time savings, improved accountability, and the ability to access the information we need when we need it.”
Sgt. James K.
Detective Sergeant / San Diego Police Department
“The level of customer service we receive from FileOnQ team members has always been fantastic and one of the main reasons we will continue the partnership.”
Michael M.
CFM-II | Director : Forensic Services Division / Anderson County Sheriff’s Office
“We are so impressed with the software, training and customer support that FileOnQ has given us… Totally awesome!”
Lori B.
Evidence Technician / Ontario Police Department

Start Now to Improve Your Recovered Property Management Capabilities

Schedule a demo
We will provide a demonstration tailored to meet your unique workflow and requirements. Our law enforcement specialist will assess your needs and answer your questions.
Discover your options
We will provide you with a proposal that meets your specific needs and budget.
Implement with confidence
Our customer success team will provide quality support throughout the implementation process of your FileOnQ solution.

Industry-Leading Software From Experts With Law Enforcement Expertise

Along with our industry-leading software, FileOnQ also provides training from experts who have a background in law enforcement. Their experience in evidence management, crime scene investigation, patrol supervision, prosecution, and corrections will help you make the most out of your FileOnQ solution. Our experts consider the “big picture” and work to extend the system benefits to every stakeholder, increasing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the department.

Product Specialists

With an in-depth understanding and knowledge of our FileOnQ software and evidence management processes, our product specialist will help your agency see a clear vision of the tailored solutions available to you both now and in the future.

Subject Matter Experts

With specific law enforcement experience, our subject matter specialist will work closely with you to ensure your unique needs are met.

Deployment Specialist

Our deployment specialists work with you to ensure all aspects of your system implementation are carried out efficiently and thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Foundrop integrate with RMS and Evidence software?

Yes, Foundrop has an open API available to all law enforcement evidence and records management software companies. In addition, Foundrop does not charge for integration.

Can Foundrop be used without integration?

Yes, Foundrop works with or without integration. The integration enables more efficiency through automation. However, even without integration, Foundrop increases an agency’s overall efficiency and enables more recovered property to be connected to cases and victims.

What is the cost for Foundrop’s Platform?

Foundrop is subscription-based and offers two platforms based on the agency’s needs.

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Is there limit on how many officers can be on the Foundrop Platform?

There is no limit.  You can add as many officers to your department Foundrop account as you would like.

How long does it take to have an agency up and running on Foundrop?

With no integration, your agency Foundrop account can be up and running in 10 minutes. With integration, your Foundrop account is still up and running in 10 minutes, and automation is dependent on the time it takes your Evidence or RMS provider to complete the integration.

Is Foundrop difficult to use?

No, Foundrop is very easy to use.  The software was designed for law enforcement by law enforcement and was iterated and reiterated by those with their boots on the ground – the frontend user.

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Avoiding These Seven Mistakes Can Save Your Agency from a World of Trouble

We have witnessed common mistakes made by agencies that can put them at risk. Please download this free guide called "The Seven Deadly Sins" that will help you evaluate your processes.

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