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Efficiently and Effectively Document Crime Scene Investigations

Empowering law enforcement to capture crime scene and forensic analysis data with ease.


Revolutionize All Stages of Your Investigation Process.

Capture.  Standardize.  Identify.

The Forensic Suite is comprised of three user-tailorable and seamlessly integrated applications to fulfill the end user’s unique and comprehensive needs.

You can mix and match ANY FileOnQ Platform solution.

Collecting and documenting evidence from crime scenes is complex, overwhelming, and time-consuming. Investigators consistently struggle to process and record crime scenes effectively and efficiently, sometimes resulting in incomplete investigations and poorly documented findings and reports.

The FileOnQ Forensic Suite was created to help ALL stakeholders overcome those struggles. It was built by former law enforcement to aid and empower crime scene investigators (CSIs), forensic investigators and analysts, medical examiners, coroners, and anyone tasked with investigating crime scenes and processing evidence for forensic analysis – helping them to do their jobs with excellence!

SceneOnQ-FileOnQ Forensic Suite

SceneOnQ enables CSIs to manage and document crime scenes, incidents, and physical evidence information.  Crime Scene Unit supervisors can feel confident that all crime scenes are correctly and efficiently documented using best practices.

Features & Benefits

  • Begin the evidence chain of custody at the crime scene.
  • Print and barcode seal evidence on scene with vehicle hardware set up.
  • Users avoid deciphering handwritten notes.
  • Generate preliminary reports and/or supplements before leaving the scene.
  • Run and build custom queries to track crime statistics.
  • The profile is configurable for crime scene investigators, coroners, and medical examiners.
ForensicOnQ - FileOnQ Forensic Suite Application

ForensicsOnQ allows agencies to track and document requests, development methods, analysis, comparison findings, and verification information in one system – allowing data and findings to be easily findable from the crime scene to the courtroom.

Features & Benefits

  • Track and document requests, development methods, analysis, comparison findings, and verification information in one place.
  • Save time by replacing forensic supplements in RMS with custom-generated reports.
  • View the status of forensic requests in real-time based on permissions.
  • Automatically send a report to the requestor or assigned detective once the analysis is completed.
  • Automatically calculate the angle of impact for bloodstains, analyze patterns, and document surface data on multiple locations related to the same case.
DigitalOnQ - FileOnQ Forensic Suite

DigitalOnQ empowers agencies to manage and share digital evidence from ONE system – such as crime scene photographs, surveillance videos, interviews, body camera videos, audio files, documents, etc. This data can be uploaded on-scene or at the station.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate storing CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, and memory cards.
  • Share digital evidence with prosecutors and stakeholders using a secure invitation.
  • Eliminate burning DVDs and copying flash drives for discovery.
  • Store all digital evidence in one secure location regardless of the media type.
  • Reduce the risk of incomplete discovery because of files stored in different applications.
  • Produce Chain of Custody, Proof Sheet, Summary Review with Hash, and Share Reports.

With Our Forensic Suite Platform You’ll Experience

An Average of:


Time Savings For Forensic Requests


Staff Hour Reduction in Documenting Crime Scenes


Time Savings to Generate Reports

Do You Struggle With Organizing Crime Scene Findings?

Our Forensic Suite solution enables crime scene investigators to easily document findings in the field. It reduces handwritten notes, repetitive work, and hours of post-crime scene report writing.

Capture Crime Scene Data

With Our Forensic Suite, You Can:

  • Document and manage crime scene data with one solution
  • Streamline and automate your processes with a system that meets your unique needs
  • Capture vital information that a CAD/RMS can’t, including bloodstain measurements, surface types, decomposition stages, ridge detail pattern types, and much more
Document Crime Scene with Airtight Chain of Custody

With Our Forensic Suite, You Can:

  • Ensures best practices are utilized while processing complex crime scenes
  • Deploy automation and notification features to ensure complete documentation
  • Reduce paper and handwritten documentation errors

Is Your Chain-of-Custody Airtight When Collecting Evidence?

The Forensic Suite solutions allow the end-user to begin the chain of custody at the time of collection rather than after the fact. This enables accurate investigation timelines and may eliminate room for defense on the chain of custody and integrity evidence collected at the scene.

Are You Still Using Email and Word Of Mouth To Request Forensic Analysis?

The Forensic Suite solutions are configured to track forensic requests and findings all in one place. Requests can be created using a built-in Request Monitor or from the user profile screen. The requestor can view their request status based on group permissions without calling or emailing the analyst. 

Additionally, forensic analysis findings can be queried, reports generated, and exported to Excel. The Forensic Suite empowers the end-user to track accurate statistics and provide justification for things like supplies, overtime, and needed equipment. 

Collect Case Data Instantly

With Our Forensic Suite, You Can:

  • Empower staff to easily send and receive requests in one system
  • Create reusable customized queries for reports and statistics
  • Enable team leaders to quickly assess needs and respond proactively
Examine Case Data

With Our Forensic Suite, You Can:

  • Instantly search and find ALL case data required
  • Streamline communication with everyone who is working the case
  • Ensure greater accountability and access to All critical case data

Can Stakeholders Examine Case Information Easily and Simultaneously? 

Forensic Suite solutions can be integrated with an agency’s mission-critical systems, such as RMS, evidence management, and body-worn cameras. Assigned investigators can view all physical and digital evidence items in one system. CSIs may view all evidence of a case collected from different scenes by other responding personnel. 

Empowers ALL Stakeholders From ONE Integrated System

Personnel can now efficiently and proactively engage all parts of an investigation from crime scene to courtroom.

crime victims

Crime Scene Investigators & Supervisors


Crime Scene Investigators will benefit from a streamlined process to document crime scenes and evidence collected.​ Our fully user-tailorable system will adhere to their specific needs and help them do their jobs more confidently and efficiently.

Digital Evidence management Admin

Digital Evidence & Forensic Investigators


Digital Forensic Examiners can track requests, share extracted evidence with investigators, generate detailed reports, and document their step-by-step workflow in a single system shared with other examiners. 

Medical Examiner Forensic Suite

Medical Examiners & Coroners Offices


Medical Examiners and Coroners appreciate being able to document injuries, unique identifying marks, decomposition stage, medications, and next of kin, and the ability to generate detailed reports to aid investigations.

Latent Print Examiner

 Latent Print Teams


Latent Print Developers and Examiners can efficiently track latent print examination requests, document analysis methods, and report findings in one place.

Blood Splatter Analysis Software

Blood Spatter Analysts


Blood Spatter Analysts and personnel investigating complex bloodshed events can document types of patterns, stain characteristics, and stain measurements and use built-in scientific formulas required for blood spatter analysis.

EvidenceOnQ Survey

Evidence Staff


Evidence Staff can quickly transfer evidence into their chain of custody and be assured the chain of custody is maintained from all FileOnQ solution movements.

Other Benefits and Features

100% User-Configurable Solution

We put YOU in the driver’s seat by giving you complete control over the design of your profile (user) screen. Every field is user-defined and can be modified as often as needed, ensuring your system meets your needs.

FOR EXAMPLE: FileOnQ’s tailorable Forensic Suite tracks specialized information; including, but not limited to:

    • arrival and departure times
    • weather conditions (wind, humidity, temperature)
    • decomposition stage of deceased 
    • forensic requests, methods, and findings
    • bloodstain pattern types, measurements, stain characteristics, surface types, and blood spatter analysis information
    • latent print surface types, pattern types, matrix, etc.
    • latent print developer, examiner, and verifying agency and person
Extensive Reporting Options

The wide variety of user-defined reports are a manager’s dream come true. We go beyond the “canned” reports of other systems by giving you the power to create and save unlimited queries. From the convenience of the toolbar, these queries can be run and then generated into a specific form that meets the needs of your agency.

Browser-Based Option

Depending on your needs, the WebView module enables end-users to access the system from your intranet. This is especially helpful for agencies that want to give officers access to see what has been assigned to them or submit a request for service or replacement.

Single Screen Convenience

Our solution is designed to streamline data entry and all crime scene management and documentation aspects. All essential transactions such as entering, searching, scanning barcodes, transferring items, and obtaining signatures, are made from one screen.

Automated Notifications

Our workflow notification automates tasks that are usually performed manually. Specific criteria are built into “triggers” that will take action, such as an automated email to an investigator after completing the forensic analysis. Triggers can also stop/prohibited action, such as releasing drugs to the next of kin or destroying search warrant items without a court order.

Unalterable Audit Trail

Each record maintains an unalterable audit trail that documents all vital transactions: records created, edits, barcodes printed, location transfers, requests, and documents created and viewed.

Built-in Request Feature

The Request Module allows officers and detectives to submit a request to the Crime Scene or Forensic Unit for various reasons. For example, a request may be submitted for evidence to be forensically analyzed, checked out for viewing, or authorized for release.

Unlimited Search (Query) Capabilities

Every field and combination of fields is searchable, providing variable query options. Fields can be searched with known values, begins with, ends with, and contains. Additional query options include current location, query by notes, created date, last transfer or edit dates, and document types.

Specialized Field Types

Profile fields can be formatted with scientific formulas. For example, a blood stain’s angle of impact can be auto-calculated based on the stain width and length data input by the end user.

Loved by end users, command staff, and IT

“I’ve worked with many vendors and engineers over my 20 years here at SAPD and they are at the top of the list on companies I’d work with.”
John R.
Sr. Intelligence Analyst / San Antonio Police Department
“I work full time for our agency and use different software and we don’t get support anywhere close to to what FileOnQ provides us.”
Mark T.
Sheridan Police Department

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Industry-Leading Software From Experts With Law Enforcement Expertise

Our experts leverage their diverse backgrounds in evidence management, crime scene investigation, patrol supervision, prosecution, and corrections to optimize your FileOnQ solution. By focusing on the big picture, they extend system benefits to all stakeholders, enhancing departmental efficiency and effectiveness.

Product Specialists

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Is your guide – someone who has “been there, done that” in law enforcement and used FileOnQ software solutions to bring extraordinary results to their own agency. With this knowledge and experience, they will work with you to tailor a solution that meets all your unique needs and exceeds your expectations.

Technical Engineers

Keeps everything running like a well oiled machine…Works with your agency’s IT staff to make sure that all the technical aspects of a successful solution are completed on time and without a hitch. (After all, we want your IT staff to achieve legendary status too).

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will SceneOnQ & ForensicsOnQ integrate with EvidenceOnQ?

Yes. FileOnQ solutions are integrated. Chain of custody tracking between systems helps ensure evidence integrity and transparency. Detailed reports can be generated outlining every location and investigator who’s accessed evidence in a case. ​

Can certain information be hidden from other users?

Yes. Case information can be hidden or revealed through user group permissions. Officers, investigators, and other staff are added to groups based on their role in the agency. For example, an investigator user group may have deeper access to case information than patrol officers. While civilian records staff could have even less access. Unlimited user groups with granular permissions can be created by the system administrator.​

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Can the system be used for blood spatter analysis?

Yes. Specialized information can be documented and maintained in all Forensic Suite solutions. For example, bloodstain information such as stain shape, stain color, bloodstain pattern, surface texture, and stain distribution can be tracked in ForensicsOnQ. Additionally, the angle of impact is auto-calculated based on the stain width and length data. Once the end-user has entered all stain sample data, the system will produce a Spatter Report for spatter patterns that details the analyzed stains in a table and places the location of the stain samples on a scatter plot. This report can be used to complete an official forensic report or sent to other investigators (in PDF format) for observation comparisons.

Can the system be accessed from the crime scene?

Yes. FileOnQ solutions can be accessed on any device on the network via a web browser using WebView. Many police departments allow end users to access WebView from their patrol cars, evidence vehicles, and remote locations where the application may not be available. This enables investigators to work uninterrupted in the field while processing crime scenes.

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